31 thoughts on “VGT Choice RED SPINS & WINS JB Elah Slot Channel Choctaw On line casino How To Amazon”
  1. Celine’s Slot Channel says:

    I wonder they still have this machine at Choctaw?

  2. Jarrod Rodriguez says:

    I went to Choctaw tonight and couldn’t find that machine anywhere? Where is that machine at?
    By the way following the JB rule I made 11k only took out $800
    Won on ruby and electric wild bet 9 and 18
    The machines right beside smash burger

  3. Justin Fenton says:

    Would love to watch jb without getting interrupted by mike dumbburg

  4. shawn mchugh says:

    Why on earth did you not show a $10K hand pay???

  5. Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez says:

    The second one was even better,bye

  6. Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez says:

    The first video was good,eléctric wilds is all righty,thanks for some comments

  7. KLKneller1 says:

    Is the Polar High Roller slot scene from a previous day?! My husband and I haven’t been able to find them since they took them out of the high stakes room about a year ago or so!

  8. Mary StClair says:

    Hope to see you at the Choctaw Christmas party.

  9. Ultimate Demolition says:

    JB your the best slot guy on you tube! You will be a legend of hi limit slots! See ya on down the road!

  10. Tim Harris says:

    Great video but that ringing is annoying on those machines tho

  11. C U says:

    The first game that was being played came from a old video bc the machine is no longer at Choctaw

  12. Maxine Kelly says:

    Awesome video.

  13. Frankie Gambino says:

    Nice , playing big winning big , the old JB is back !

  14. Meina Xiao says:

    Fun to watch. Fun, fun, fun.

  15. Paula Walton says:

    Yeah. J.B.!

  16. Sharon Evans says:

    Tremendous wins

  17. Mike says:

    Nice hits JB can't wait for the next vid!

  18. Colton Thomas says:

    Great video JB! I appreciate you playin the high limit for us!

  19. just saying says:

    Happy to see JB!!!!really like that first game!!

  20. V Wood says:

    Thank you for taking us on your amazing wins!!

  21. Mike Beezy says:

    Hey hey hey! Cool video! Could you ask JB to give Crazy Bill another go?

  22. Joseph Anderson says:

    Do u ever play Buffalo Gold? 5cent denom pays good

  23. Joseph Anderson says:

    What u hit $10k on

  24. Maria Tirado says:

    Good luck


    Hey Hey JB! Nice going. You’re ears must be ringing after a day of those noisy machines!

  26. Jackielightning says:


  27. J. D. says:

    Yehaw! I love it when you take the money OUT.

  28. Heminem says:

    Good job, nice win

  29. Renee Liew says:

    Crazy money Jb ! Bt U the man !! & keep spinning & winning & hit tht huge one ! Lol

  30. Rose G Rodriguez says:

    $10,400 handpays? On what machine? That's great JB!!!

  31. Christopher Coleman says:

    Congratulations JB

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