19 thoughts on “Video Poker Dealt Straight Flush on Bonus Poker at South Level in Las Vegas!!”
  1. Research Chemical says:

    I had a dealt royal for 4k. I've probably lost 20k since then

  2. taylor hanson says:

    I think I've had every hand dealt to me like that except for the royal

  3. janis talcott says:

    Didn't you wonder about holding a 9 of clubs and it comes back with what looked like a royal? Personally I don't hold a 9 with 2 other cards to a royal. I royal hunt at every hand, whether it be the right or wrong hold.

  4. Doug Story says:

    Good job Pete, you left $200 up!

  5. Steve P says:

    heading over to vegas next month! good bye crummy pay tables hell-o luv me some full pay 2sies wild!!

  6. Steve P says:

    nice hit on the str flush

  7. PA Gambler says:

    Nice hit!! Was dealt 4 to the Royal 3 times today and nothing! Was dealt a straight flush once at the Hard Rock, Atlantic City. Let's see the dealt Royal you mentioned!

  8. Allison Davis says:

    Nice straight flush!

  9. Dave&Kim says:

    great job Pete!

  10. Keith says:

    It just means a straight flush hasnt hit in x amount of hands set by the machine chip

  11. Tony Roberts says:

    Delt royal about 1:40k odds

  12. Robert Howard says:

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  13. Bradley Roberts says:


  14. Mark Challed says:

    Had one dealt straight flush on .25 at Paris. Great job leaving up.

  15. GamblersMix says:

    So nice to be dealt a winning hand! Pete, I will be in Vegas in a few weeks, and I know South Pointe is a little off the beaten path, have you had any issues filming there?

  16. sandy coffman says:

    Hell yeah Pete! Way to lock up the win. My dumbass woulda stayed and paid! Good luck next trip!

  17. Full Pay VP says:

    My favorite game, low volatility and you can still find a royal every 40,000 hands or so.

  18. Docs Gambling says:

    Nice win pete !!!

  19. Steve Bigpine says:

    great time to leave. Never stay after good win.

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