14 thoughts on “Video Poker Jackpot, Aces Dealt”
  1. Oheeeoh says:

    Wow that was awesome! What did you do with the money?

  2. john Anchondo says:

    Are these real or paid for by casinos to get people to gamble?

  3. mike novak says:

    Why shush somebody?

  4. Damian Teodor Tifft says:

    Nice game! I would play it day and night..I have also some friend that are playing it…Try and you won't regret it!!!!

  5. Vegas Dice says:

    Low excitement makes sense. Playing $100/hand he was probably in for $200,000.

  6. Jose Herrera says:

    Wow you were so fucking excited about it (sarcastic)

  7. Kris Green says:

    WOW! huge bet there man! I got the same thing but was only playing .25 denom. I got 5 kickers out of the 10. 

  8. movieguy73 says:

    can you image if you had a multiplier? 

  9. movieguy73 says:

    4 kickers. nice.

  10. flipnotrab says:

    So the only real question left here is did you get the spot free rinse or not with that car wash?

  11. 9674jlb says:

    That was amazing — congrats on that incredible win.

  12. FREIVIDS says:

    Can we get a free car wash?

  13. Random Living says:

    Ummmm…speechless.  Freakin awesome win!

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