25 thoughts on “⚜ VIDEO POKER ⚜ Multi-Hand Triple Bonus Jackpots ⚜”
  1. Bigkats Poker says:

    Damn, I thought I saw a Royal in there… good luck!

  2. SLOT ANGEL says:

    I need to learn this slot….good job…good luck…just subbed you…let's share slot fun1

  3. Ami Eliyahu says:

    This is the worst video poker video on the internet

  4. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis says:

    You'll never get the Royal throwing away three cards to the Royal?

  5. John Glenn says:

    I tried to watch, but the camera moves about to much for me to track, my eyes hurt when its all shaky like that. Sorry, just being honest.

  6. slotmachineluv says:

    I normally play slot machine, but lately I learn that video poker is me patience and last me longer at the casino. Thanks , I enjoyed it

  7. Robert DellaFave says:

    I don't recommend posting videos until you learn how to play the game. People may follow your example, meaning more profits for the casinos. Breaking up 5s full, and keeping three unsuited broadway cards — come on.

  8. Susie Q says:

    Joe Your a Beast ! First video ever to watch on a slower speed !! Sad i missed it live

  9. Derek Gipson says:

    Damn this was hard to watch. You may need to read up on strategy

  10. bmkarr1 says:

    Lot of really bad play


    Why don't you just mail your money to the casino? That's the worst video poker playing I have ever seen.The only thing you did right was holding a pair when you only had a pair, throwing away kings and holding the 4s instead of holding both, you suck at this man.Play the slots

  12. Mega Win says:

    Hold only “A” ,never hold A and J or any card .

  13. Gotta get back in time. says:

    Complete waste of time

  14. B Webb says:

    You should shake the camera more.

  15. Helen Bovay says:

    Please get a tripod or try to hold the camera steady. Also – practice VP online with a teaching app. So many bad choices and holds. Play the odds NOT the emotion.

  16. David Shue says:

    when presented with ace and off-suit high card in this game, please only hold the ace

  17. Sir Elton John says:

    I watched one of your older video poker videos the other day and decided to head over to hard rock and play some 10x double bonus. Had a great time. It's a nice change of pace from slots very chill.

  18. Alli Martin says:

    Thanks for posting this.

  19. Heather Chessman says:

    EZ you play poker like you walk, REALLY FAST! Whether it's playing poker or peeling an orange, I love to watch anything you do on THE WILDLY ENTERTAINING EZ AFTER DARK CHANNEL. THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE EVERYONE!!!

  20. Sanders Slots says:

    Poker is a tough slot but can be really awesome!! Great video as always

  21. VP PRO says:

    Nice video. I got a $8000 royal on a $5 bet last week on double bonus I drew 2 cards. I was in shock

  22. Stephanie S says:

    Thx Joe for the tutorial on video poker. Always good to try new things

  23. Indescribable Love says:

    Love watching you play poker!! Thank you!!

  24. ChrissyLee W. says:

    Yayyyyyyyy video poker !!!! I luv video poker !!!! Thanks Joe !!!!! You dah best !!!! ((( hugs )))

  25. Nella Sparkles says:

    Video poker is Miss Cleos game!

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