35 thoughts on “Video Poker Play + Jackpots AS IT HAPPENS!”
  1. Top Thrill Matt says:

    Nice read on slot machine strategies: https://amzn.to/2yFUU6J

  2. Jesus Hernandez says:

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  3. Darkside Poetry says:

    Good for you, Matt! I worked in a casino for 6 years, three of it on the floor serving booze (as a cocktail server & bartender), I've rarely seen anyone so lucky as far as getting that many 4 of a kinds (in an evening of gaming).

    The biggest payout on a bar-top game king machine I've seen was a shade over $26,000 on multi-card keno. Every time he pushed the button it was twenty dollars. But this one time, he pushed the button, and all his numbers on all 20 cards hit.

    I was really hoping this video would end with a royal flush.

    Lastly, I love your coin pusher and other arcade videos. However, I wish you'd make some more of these "Game King" one's (especially the keno one's).

  4. Orlando Morone Filho says:

    Além de não saber jogar , não sabe postar e nem filmar……

  5. Damon says:

    Arent those quads just a beautiful sight!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wayne A. W. says:

    At 6:38, you had AKQ diamond, 3-to Royal Flush, but you kept the Q’s lol

  7. nomearod says:

    U should practice a bit. http://apple.co/2Cwt4bJ

  8. Michael Proctor says:

    Why do you just hold the A when you are dealt A K and three low cards?
    Basic strategy calls for holding A K in that event.

  9. Stephen Wilscam says:

    Neer have I seen such a loose Double Double Bonus poker game. Where is it at?

  10. coffebug says:

    Omg you keep missing it for two pairs you could of won a lot more.

  11. Robert DellaFave says:

    You do realize you're playing 6/5 when the lowest reasonable game is 9/6 or 9/5 with progressives. There are 10/6 machines at the quarter level in Vegas.

  12. Top Thrill Matt says:

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  13. Joe Richmond says:

    So this was double double bonus poker?

  14. TxQuik says:

    Bad Pay Table. You want 2 pair to double your bet. ALWAYS!

  15. Crazykev 73 says:

    Very nice! I hope you didn’t spend that all in one place. Lol. Congrats

  16. Dean Carver says:

    Total clickbait. Never wins anywhere near a jackpot

  17. Dean Carver says:

    Still waiting to see any hit thats within 1/10 of a jackpot

  18. Ron Turner says:

    If you’re still

  19. tsukune007 says:

    Invest in getting Video Poker for Winners Learn how to play that game at 100%

  20. michael chilner says:

    Dude, you got on a hot machine….. After the first few wins, I would have raised my bet, it's jut me, but you did great. I also noticed that you got dealt ALOT of sets…. Or , 3 of a kinds. I'd go back to that machine in the future..

  21. LiquidNature says:

    You only get your credits back for 2 pair? Not worth in my opinion.

  22. anthony garcia says:

    4 3s with a 4 would've gave you back if you would've bet 5 on it

  23. Hernan Lissarrague says:

    Creo que dominan una máquina pobres bobos.


    Hi,,, Question ?? How are you recording when you had both hands on the poker screen ? Did you have camera glasses ? or What ? All the stupid casino's do not want you to record your games…. I think – we should – only the games !!!

  25. genevieve Andrews says:

    Where was the jackpot

  26. Chris Anthony says:

    Do the math before you play video poker. 9/6 always.

  27. nomearod says:

    You bet $1 per hand on 6/5 DDB is really not better than betting $1.25 per hand on 8/5 or 9/5 DDB. You should move to a quarter machine. Normally DDB on quarter machine is 8/5, sometimes you may find 9/5 or even 9/6. It pays a lot more than nickel machine.

  28. John Cats says:

    good play

  29. magic carp says:

    At minute 6:37 you had 3 to the Royal Flush and you completely messed up if you have 3 to the royal vs a paying pair I would think you would want to take the chance vs the paying pair correct me if I am wrong is the percentage better for choosing the pair of queens like you did please elaborate. and at minute 8:22 ACE 2 3 4 IS A STRAIGHT YET YOU OPTED FOR THE HIGH CARD ACE YOUR PLAYING TO FAST FOR YOUR OWN GOOD SLOW IT DOWN A ROW MAN.

  30. onenickelmiracle says:

    Nickel VP like that just not worth playing.

  31. Slinky V says:

    I was going to ask if you gambled Matt. Love your arcade channel too!

  32. Lia Wechsler says:

    Yeah, sometimes things can really happen! Nice! I play poker usually on sites like this.. https://www.gametwist.com/en/games/poker/

  33. greydoe says:

    Don't draw to inside straights – especially with high, unsuited cards. 🙂

  34. Thomas 786 says:

    This makes me want to play!

  35. Festival Snob says:

    Don't hold two pair when one of them is Jacks or better.

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