10 thoughts on “VIP EVENT – Slot Event😍🎰 Pink Alert Slot Max Guess 9 Traces 赤富士スロット, スロットトーナメント”
  1. Connie Keenan says:

    It was fun watching the slot tournament. Next time you will win it all!

  2. Jerrie Freeman says:

    Happy Holiday sweet lady . Great video . Much fun watching you play . Stay safe .

  3. Nikerocker23 says:

    That red alert machine doesn't pay shit

  4. Barbara Herrera says:

    Good fun to watch.. thanks AKAFUJI for the entertainment.. continued luck to you!

  5. shirley conti says:

    You go my big tiger

  6. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice.

  7. Kristine Guetschow says:

    That tournament looked fun! I would never be able to move so fast!

  8. San Manuel Casino says:

    Thank you for visiting. You can find our health and safety protocols here: https://www.sanmanuel.com/san-manuel-health-and-safety-hub.

  9. demetrius hill says:

    For future reference don't pick the fruit its the lowest one that come up if you do a review of your video you will see that plus the life of a gambler slot channel is always in those slot tournaments at San Manuel just giving you a little tip keep winning

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