36 thoughts on “🔴 Virgin Resort and On line casino Las Vegas Grand Opening Dwell!”
  1. j t says:

    Old Mohegan casino just with new lip stick.

  2. Wm Johns says:

    With the Virgin rebranding is proof of being a Virgin a requirement to enter the property?

  3. Summer Lane says:

    So it's the Hard rock with a different name

  4. Behind Enemy Lines says:

    Subscribed and rang the bell today!! Looking forward to your videos, Steven.

  5. Fred B says:

    Thank you to our host Steven. Nicely done. Good solution to filming.

  6. Tracy DuBois says:

    I also watch 3 different vloggers and like you all for different reasons. Had to give ya a thumbs down for the ugliness about other vloggers.

  7. Kel L says:

    Too bad you didn't get to meet and interview Mario Lopez! Another vlogger passed him up! You did a great job!

  8. william houghton says:

    How cold is it there?

  9. ken Sheeler says:

    I remember when the Hard Rock Cafe opened I saw Aerosmith there

  10. DLVTT says:

    Hey Steven, Do you like it or is just a renewed HardRock with new name ?

  11. Doreen Smith says:

    Always enjoy your vlogs

  12. Michelle Albanese says:

    I've seen a few other bloggers. You are the best and most interesting. I don't watch any others anymore. Keep doing what you are doing. It will lead to bigger things.

  13. Fatluhere Here says:

    The Grand Opening tells alot…No interest in going there…Boring!

  14. Clint Holder says:

    Good luck to them I think they are really going to need it . I don’t have any desire to go there .

  15. fitnessfuture says:

    I think that some people like me, will watch these videos and will decide that there's no hurry to go and check it out because of the great job you are doing!
    Also, with their no outside food policy, they already rubbed me the wrong way!

  16. MICKY IN IRELAND says:

    Enjoyed the stream on catch up! Just checked prices in Virgin for my date in Nov & it would be cheaper staying in Bellagio Caesars Cosmo Venetian Circa (all 5 star hotels) My 8 nts in Virgin would be $2500! Its still an old hotel no matter what way they spin it!

  17. Candice Gillespie says:

    I would rather listen to you than other u tuber. Your the best.

  18. ziggy 2shus says:

    The old HardRock looked much better with all the old Rock stuff.
    Now it is just another sun-of-the-mill modern decor joint.
    Another total screw up. A casino in Vegas needs something that sets it apart, but The Virgin looks just like several other casinos.

  19. Mari Annunziata says:

    I was there.. not loving it not disappointed.. kinda on the line… I did not like no kiosks to exchange money ticket voucher.. YOU HAVE TO GO TO A WINDOW. The bathrooms are hard to find. And pool not open until END OF APRIL…
    My question is the entertainment that was out on the floor.. is this a daily thing or just for opening?

  20. Cat Julien says:

    I appreciate your channel because you talk

  21. 885 Blackjack - Secrets From A Vegas Local says:

    No Malice'ing in Las Vegas.

  22. hi jinx says:

    I hate when all these casinos get insecure about you vloggers… If they're so worried about their image they should just hire somebody to do their own… That's why I like guys like you real bloggers give it to us straight and honest

  23. VicVic And Mochi says:

    Thanks for sharing it is helpful for me to come over there .

  24. Ann Henriques says:

    Thanks for sharing your tour of the property. Based on the location and the branding, I had no intention of visiting Virgin on my next Las Vegas trip. Your livestream has only confirmed that opinion. Unless they can get major concert events and/or corporate events booked here, I expect a bankruptcy announcement within 2 years.

  25. 2MG 2 Metal guys Toys and Collectibles Comic Books says:

    i was in ICE once back in 2003 for a party that was tied to the AVN show it wasnt anything special loud music and drugs in the bathrooms

  26. Fire Starter says:

    When will you do a story about the"Stage Door" bar and casino?

  27. J Paul says:

    You are doing a great job!!

  28. Carol Schaupner says:

    I watch a few Vegas vlogers. All are different. Like them all. You have the most Vegas knowledge. I like that. Thanks Steven.

  29. Kendall Kidd says:

    Great Show Pompsie, Lol, just kidding!

  30. Jason's Gararge Inc says:

    your vides are on point . thanks !

  31. Vegas Diamond Guy says:

    Short and sweet.

  32. Easy Edawg says:

    Thanks for the info and walk to and through the Virgin hotel/casino. Appreciate the job well done, now I don't have to waste my time checking it out. BTW really enjoyed that morning vlog when you went to the gambling supply store : )

  33. Elisha says:

    This was a good idea to show how to get there walking, gives a true look at how far of a walk it is.

  34. Linda Williams says:

    I like Steven not Ponsi (whatever how it's spelled)…..

  35. Cyrus992 says:

    I’m there too going LIVE!

  36. Steve Magma says:

    Enjoyed the stream thanks for showing the new property!

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