23 thoughts on “Was Freddy Deeb Dishonest on Excessive Stakes Poker?”
  1. scbluesman13 says:

    Freddy was right to stand up to that nonsense. Joking and taking light jabs at your poker buddies is one thing, but accusing someone of cheating or doing something unethical is defamatory unless you have a real suspicion that they did something wrong. If you let something like that slide it could have real world repercussions, like getting blacklisted from other types of high stakes games you might otherwise want to be invited to.

  2. Dario says:

    Deeb is right floorman should be called

  3. mike benz says:

    6:45 when Sammy said just make sure they don’t have that on tv,yea like GSN would cut that part out,that’s gold for tv views

  4. markkhoman says:

    Thoroughly uncharming individuals. It's enough to put one off playing poker!

  5. Milad Jorshari says:

    I actually seen Freddie go south and get in a fight in a apartment in Newport Beach. Him vs some Asain dude was amazing.

  6. Kevin Cloonan says:

    shieky is gassing freddy up and then daniel had to get mouthy ! funny thing is the one who said it Johnny Chan was quiet as a church mouse

  7. Matt B says:

    Freddy Deeb would never go south, hes appalled.

  8. Hector Abreu says:

    8:10 that's why you gotta love Sammy Farha

  9. Hector Abreu says:

    Daniel is such an instigating weasel.. it was over until he brought it back

  10. HextyVision says:

    Negrano was out of line – just being a shit stirring little prick with his comment. Pretty typical of him. Nobody proved anything so they were all out of line. More to the point they KNOW they were out of line – you could see they didn't want the floor manager anywhere near the table.

  11. Chad Cave says:

    Negreanu shoots his mouth off, as usual, then goes into high pitched, high school girl mode when confronted. Annoying af.

  12. Jukeboksi says:

    Freddy Deeb was at the time a known scumbag, so they wanted to fuck with him on live TV and see his reaction.

  13. Matt Fox says:

    Deeb is a proven cheater. Ghosting and all that

  14. OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX says:


  15. Tiger Pawz says:

    hahaaha love poker players.

  16. D1 Big Shifter says:

    Lets role the tape back and see the real slime ball is shawn sneaky sheeki

  17. B S says:

    Daniel is always a shit starter but he can’t take it

  18. D.A. H.R. says:

    But for real now: how much did he go South? xD

  19. wesley houlihan says:

    Johnny fairly shut his mouth when Freddy came back

    He was the one who started it all

  20. Julio Bustos says:

    Now, Imagine if someone accused Helmuth of going south, he'd keep ranting up to today. But seriously, accusing someone and then pointing out "whoever said it first" it's just bad etiquette, Daniel acted like a high schooler on this one.

  21. Oliver Santikham says:

    Johnny Chan staying quiet knowing that he was the one to start all the shit lol.

  22. Daniel Mata says:

    Why does Daniel look like Ellen degeneres

  23. Case Donn says:

    That cowboy floorman is the coolest shit I've ever seen.

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