Watch How Professional Poker Cheats Use Sleight Of Hand | BLACK MARKET

26 thoughts on “Watch How Professional Poker Cheats Use Sleight Of Hand | BLACK MARKET”
  1. VICE TV says:

    If you're from the US, you can stream the rest of this episode and more BLACK MARKET with your cable provider here: https://bit.ly/3sGj4ER

  2. poperaymond says:

    The people who got robbed are watching this and going back to their security cameras to find the black dude with dreads that was playing the dice game with $4k- $5k that night

  3. Jay PM116 says:

    wow I killed someone for ten bands I'm a gangsta now

  4. Shannon Wilson says:

    These dudes who robbing cats, you’ve just gotta be prepared when your day comes. Cause it will, it always does.

  5. H Tarpley says:


  6. For Ya Brain says:

    How is he a pro if he's cheating??

  7. Casual Observer says:

    Remember liberals… Black Lives Matter.

  8. Max Pietrykowski says:

    Omar did the same thing on Marlo

  9. MR Ketch says:

    OMG only the noobs fall for these basic magic tricks.

  10. William Fernandini says:

    I've seen rounders n they got there ass beat:)

  11. Brandon Reyes says:

    Is this a re-upload?

  12. Eric Stevens says:

    Omar like “so how do youuuuu rob poker games” lmfao

  13. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    I knew a shady Korean dealer named dragon that did this stuff . his finger ended up in a dixie cup and another Korean named dragon drove him to the hospital after he slipped in the shower and his finger fell off.

  14. Vilas Gaikwad says:

    Omar's coming yo !

  15. Brucey B says:

    Omar coming!

  16. neondemon says:

    "For that Paper, i'll knock Jesus Christ off, man…."

    Dude aint playin O:

  17. Bill Kuhl says:

    He's a lowlife jagoff

  18. Daniel Navejas says:

    they cappin

  19. poker pro86 says:

    So don’t tell the black community about poker games?

  20. Jay Gab says:

    Damn, it's Omar!!

  21. Sniggly Puss says:

    By the size of the wholes in the mask of that second guy, I feel like I know what he looks like and I've never even seen him before haha… Not to mention he's telling pretty specific stories about robbing people without his mask on anyway, so it kind of defeats the purpose altogether.

  22. Blicce says:

    3:53 What a dumb criminal looks like. That mask ain’t even doing none lmao. Why would you admit to that.

  23. OC says:

    So Omar is a correspondent now? They came at the king…

  24. James C says:

    These dudes will be dead in a year or less living that life

  25. Brandon Yu says:

    Mike Postle has entered the chat.

  26. Spaceman John says:

    I call bullshit, he talks too much

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