20 thoughts on “We Discovered Faux Video Poker at Casinos in New York!”
  1. agent1atl says:

    Very informative!!!! I had no idea!! Thanks!

  2. Micz Micc says:

    Can you do a video about tipping… For slots, video poker, craps after winning or losing and after jackpots etc. Thanks

  3. Gregory Lega says:

    Can you say Mafia, can you say Coumo, Can you say Corruption.

  4. Kimberly Brewer says:

    You need to tell that to Cotezworth Video Poker – Who actually has a channel here on YouTube -and posts videos playing those kind of machines all the time. Maybe he just can't tell or read the difference. He plays usual VP strategy.

  5. Eric Swells says:

    What garbage.

  6. John Jasper says:

    been wave trading stocks for 20 years, casinos for losers and you'll probably get covid there

  7. sumthang678 says:

    Can’t say I like these Fugazi VP machines. It’s hard to find good paytables outside of Las Vegas, but this is ridiculous.

  8. David Cooper says:

    Good to know, Thanks for the video.

  9. TheMaster Zman11 says:

    Minus Niagara Falls area only a true degenerate gambles in a NY state casino

  10. JTCCG says:

    Western New York (Buffalo/Niagara Falls area), not UPSTATE.

  11. Jeff P says:

    I rarely see this discussed, and virtually never see the following question addressed: if I’m dealt 4OAK and I hold 3 of them, what happens? I can’t match 4OAK or better. Is that where the match card comes in?

  12. Chris S says:

    From what I understand, this is how it works in WA State as well.

  13. slotman777 says:

    Is every lottery casino like this? I don’t play video poker very often but I frequent a lottery casino in RI and I haven’t seen those messages on the machines but some other players have complained something is missing from them

  14. loveandgamingx x says:

    Great video

  15. Brian Senkow says:

    Linda Boyd discussed these in her book. Very sneaky!

  16. Devin Schloe says:

    Since Washington state is also lottery style video gaming, are their video poker machines the same as the New York?

  17. Jeremy Conkling says:

    @americancasinoguide We tried a similar test on the video poker machines at a nearby Indian casino. The games had a bingo game in the corner and we expected this type of result but it did not work this way. If we threw away cards based on strategy the repeat win would not occur. Is bingo based video poker equivalent to the games we play in Vegas?

  18. Ze Frankenberg says:

    Yet another reason to never go to NY.

  19. SmileTimeGifts says:

    interesting info thx

  20. Kid Jeff says:

    Fascinating experiment! So clear to see!

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