18 thoughts on “We gained €40.000 Taking part in Slots (WORLD RECORD BONUS HUNT)”
  1. Janna Silva says:

    Congratulations for your prize, it is a pity that the big slot networks only favor some countries these high prizes, I played these slots here in Brazil for 12 years and the biggest prize that has already come out was $ 200 dollars. It is a pity.

  2. Sam Kinsville says:

    World record “REAL” bonus hunt haha

  3. MITTANS REACT says:

    they are bookies, so they are smart not to be stupid, why does he always win, he is the standard of gambling

  4. Timothy Huston says:

    You say world record but xposed just did a 180k bonus hunt a few weeks ago

  5. ROB1997 says:

    Well deserved! Ding Ding!

  6. Clash Royale says:

    lmfaooo nice intro henryyy

  7. Enter says:

    Good Luck <3

  8. Matt Miller says:

    Do you know what I like about you Kim, you’ve obviously got so much money and appreciate a hit of 500 euro’s so much! It’s nice to see! I know people who don’t bat an eye lid that have nowhere near as much as you have

  9. Timo Schellekens says:

    LOL Yoshi V in the highlight as well 😛

  10. Timo Schellekens says:

    Chipmonkz gotta be proud of the clickbait thumpnail

  11. Евгений Б says:

    2:16 he missed LUL

  12. Crazy70li says:

    Lets get the fudge in there nice win lovee from Amsterdam

  13. Brayden Hean says:

    Had to beat mr hendrik labowsky his bonus hunt was nuts

  14. Ryan Owen says:

    Get in you dossers we love you from the uk

  15. Michael Wright says:

    We expect nothing less no days from you mate, 50 or 60k due soon eh, boom

  16. Vicktor Jansson says:

    Best stream ever, get in Kimster!

  17. JustOneTimebby says:

    Get innnnn!!! Might actully be a world record with ((REAL )) money <3

  18. klongna klongna says:

    Get in kim.

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