26 thoughts on “We Grew to become CASINO OWNERS In Minecraft!”
  1. dark killer says:

    Crainer and jelly posted this like ages ago

  2. Cristina Nacpil says:

    are jelly and preston friends?

  3. Aavan B says:

    Don't know about jelly

  4. Aavan B says:

    Cranier boo slogo rules

  5. Wizard of Darts says:


  6. Dimitri pro 693 says:

    Ok nice at least jelly didn't win

  7. egidijus doveika says:

    Another Minecraft tycoon

  8. Natalja Köiva says:

    Jelly, Slogo and Crainer be to the viliagers like GO TO MINE AND ONLY MINE

  9. Green Soul says:

    Can you please play hoax mc

  10. Gamer_ wayne says:

    slogoman is a god this ledgendary man was holding air

  11. Em Ramos says:

    what what what

  12. Mbah Sukito says:

    hey gosh make a resterant to bi a trimionners

  13. Lyhra Hular says:

    Win win

  14. md islam says:

    cool coool cool cool slogo's channel

  15. Lubok TV says:

    I love this vids

  16. Jurassic? Go says:

    I don’t even care if crainer wins I just want slogo wins I’m quitting on crainer I’m SLOGO’S TEAM or jelly sucks

  17. Justin Guindulman says:


  18. Gamerdale says:

    Once again, jpsh was dragged down by jelly's, stupidity-

  19. charblsaur says:

    Slogo are you dumb
    Jelly YAA!!

  20. Franzen Jay Masmela says:

    Slogo Crainer and jelly posted 2 Cowtown/Beetown Video how about you????? When your gonna post Im waiting 🙂

  21. MHK Gamer says:

    Me: *sees hire guards button
    Also me: oh no…. not after last time

  22. Holly-Rose DANIELLS says:

    He should be a cop in mincrft and Amun us and GTA

  23. Wyatt Sacobie says:

    Big fan

  24. da bro says:

    Your a high

  25. Minecraft TIPS & TRICKS says:

    Make a video about a prison (tycoon)

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