21 thoughts on “We Have 7 Excessive and a Dream!”
  1. Daniel Booth says:

    Unfollowing…….. your ads for mobile devices and stuff your selling, don’t need it.

    I can watch brad, trooper and everyone else and not have to watch that crap

  2. Josh Clouth says:

    Sell out won't be watching again

  3. Paradox Plaza says:

    Dude this use to be a decent vlog until your started commercializing every video I'm done gl. Stick to poker hands that's why most watch!

  4. Matty says:

    I gotta stop watching this guy. Folding top pairs but shoving with nothing…. kinda backwards strategy.

  5. will69forfood says:

    these ads ,,, f off

  6. Bigwillystab Tab says:

    I’ve unsubscribed because of your ridiculous amounts of ads and I will dislike videos whenever you beg people to like them wish it didn’t come to this because I still mostly enjoy your videos

  7. Sal Chico says:


  8. Brandon Yu says:

    Dude they really have a hand washing station in the middle of the casino now? So much for spreading my germs around Vegas

  9. Triton h says:

    I need next episode now. Lol addicted. More more more more

  10. NotToday says:

    First hand, you should min 3bet the short stacker when you have a good hand so the betting reopens if he shoves. Then you can burn the cold callers in between with a 5 bet.

  11. Qualdata Technology Solutions says:

    Stop making those long sponsor videos, do 5 seconds in the front and five in the back.

  12. Reazul Islam says:

    Lose the subtitle please. Covers the holecards, community cards, everything. Really annoying experience.

  13. Zeey Green says:

    probably the longest ad I ever seen lol

  14. Clap Forboobies says:

    @7:30 why is an A on the turn a good card for you? Couldnt he have been in the hand with an Ace?

  15. skydivejumprope says:

    Playing top pair like 5 7 and playing 5 7 like top pair… Wut????

  16. Paul Manning says:

    previously you folded with hands like hitting kings and queens when they bet into you, then you have 57 and decide to bluff away most of your stack with air, WHY? With the greatest respect you have no idea what the hell you are doing! You folded previously when you did have hands to call with, KK and QQ, then you decide to do the opposite with a 57 bluff., You deserve to lose man.

  17. John Coolahan says:

    Hate the fact you now plug adverts. I know you don’t give a crap but won’t be following you no more sad to see you sold out

  18. Aditya K says:

    Ur so bad. How do you fold top pair and bluff w 7 high. STOP

  19. Jacinto Briceno says:

    Just had a session like this. It's brutal.

  20. Patrick ĶeoHo says:

    You advertise, to much.

  21. Brennholzverleih Fröhlich says:

    Was macht er bloß in dem Video für Sachen? Man man man

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