42 thoughts on “We Made a MARIO MAKER 2 CASINO”
  1. Lucadu456 says:

    4:17 my grandma was was next to me and almost died

  2. Andrew Creekmore says:

    Here’s a idea. Super expert levels. But you use dice. Harder levels but you can get up to 12 lives

  3. Alisia Ale says:

    20:16 Warning, headphones users!

  4. Nugboy 420 says:

    Caution if you have captions on a lil after 4:18

  5. Allan Roberts says:

    So you can only hit the one-shots?
    A bit like not being able to write a paper until the day of the deadline.

  6. SilentVinyl says:


  7. Zim 163 says:

    Hey Dave, This would be a good idea for like a charity event. (You can pick the charity) Every time you run out of lives on a level, you have to donate a certain amount of money to your charity.
    I think it's a good idea because you are giving out entertaining content as well as doing a good deed

  8. Paper Frog says:

    6:03 Nice Green Screen Hat

  9. RandomAggro says:

    This could be a new Speedrun-Category:
    Roll the dice for each level (filters can be adjusted) and you gain that many points you have lives left after clearing the level. After reaching like idk 10 or 20 points (amount can vary for different speedrun difficulties) you finish the speedrun. Therefore you don't only have to be skilled to get many points but there is also a little bit of luck involved with the dice 😀

  10. RPGamer37 says:

    In the video icon I thought that his head was red then I realized that he is just wearing a hat

  11. manifested shadow says:

    I'm with it

  12. Emerson Umana says:

    over exited a little but okay'

  13. Player 000 says:

    POV: Dave is Luigi from Super Mario 64 DS.

  14. Gaming32 says:

    Hasn’t he done this before?

  15. Zakir Siddeek says:

    Daves outfit really does make me happy

  16. Trysten Fox says:

    Yo dave got dat swag bruvas

  17. riku1989 says:

    Why is Swanky Kong here? What happened to Dave?

  18. e says:

    Dang so this is the second part to the number of dice = lives video

  19. Benjamin Gricius says:

    DGR’s most famous saying: “and then I spoke”

  20. Arystoteles Mikulski says:

    Combine casino and roulette! 😀

  21. William Wiley says:

    I kinda sounds like you where screaming gay men.

  22. Andrew Wasem says:


    I hate the coin sound now…

  23. Salvatore Finocchiaro says:


  24. Gravity Waves says:

    It's a bit frustrating to watch him one shot all kinds of levels that I died dozens of times when I tried.

  25. Kirby * says:

    I actually gained more checkpoints during this stream than I lost

  26. Rey Sven says:

    I just realized that the second level was Gundam wing

  27. Alejandro Méndez says:

    This video has 69 dislikes right now meanwhile im seeying it!?!?

  28. Jose Jaime says:

    Wait…..is it "roll a dice" or "roll a die"???

  29. Kaz Boven says:

    Dave do this super expert but with a 36 sided dice

  30. Trafolgar says:

    When i scrolled by i thought you were adam sandler and i dont know why lol

  31. thomas verslycken says:

    Ja, i'm doing a top 1000 levels run in popular normal all of any time, & somewhere in i think the top 650 or 750 i found some sort of hot garbage but almost every level lower in the top 1000 are good, its a weird list, instead of ranking by first like then players (in case a few levels have the exact same amount of likes) they rank it by the like rate (how much % of those that played the level liked it) & the level had only barely 40 poeple wil played & i think 12 likes, & yet it was somewhere in the list at all, so not evenpopularis safe from those kind of levels

  32. onvogmasaj says:

    dave, have u ever seen Tricky Master 2000?

  33. Samuel'stuff says:

    I’m proud to be a believer

  34. Samuel'stuff says:

    Im a believer

  35. Samuel'stuff says:

    At 10:13 i was telling myself it was going to be one and then it happened

  36. Samuel'stuff says:

    You should do a version where you play super expert levels but you get to keep the unused lives for the next level

  37. Robin Yiaski says:

    I love that you like the music from Gundam Wing! One of my first Soundtracks that I had to own! Enjoyed the one shot!

  38. Alejandro Aguilar says:

    Those 1 shot attempts, must've been the lucky cap, or the suit….. nope!

    It was our faith in you~!

  39. Nathan says:

    Was it just me, or does DGR have some sugar in his tank with his comments?

  40. David Burchett says:


  41. brookhaven86 says:

    The clown car level shouldn't count with all the jank.

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