What have I performed. : playing

Properly the title just about sums it up. If in case you have gambled away every part you’ll indisputably say this to your self.

Gambled away every part. A whole bunch of hundreds of {dollars}. I misplaced every part.

Began the evening with just a few drinks and now im right here within the darkest of locations wishing I used to be lifeless.

Im in disbelief proper now. I nonetheless really feel like this isn’t actual. I’ve by no means felt so horrible in my entire life. I gambled away each cent that I’ve labored for and I’m sitting right here in full agony. I simply need to know why. Im not in search of sympathy or assist. Simply why. Why did this occur. What have I simply performed. My life is totally ruined. I couldn’t cease for the lifetime of me. It began with 50 and ended up going into the hundreds.

Playing has taken every part from me.

Please if somebody has performed what I’ve performed or has information on this subject I’m in search of recommendation. I’m beside myself proper now. There are not any phrases to elucidate how i really feel. Im 26 and i’ve simply ruined my entire life.

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