30 thoughts on “What in TARNATION?! Texas Poker is INSANE! Poker Vlog 87”
  1. Adam Rude says:

    No joke, fellas. The poker is Texas right now might be the best poker in the country. I cannot wait to go back. Thanks for watching!

  2. RKelly Pullin says:

    When you say stuff that confuses the table… bravo you have them on edge!

  3. Dac Gours says:

    Great vlog. Thanks

  4. James Hanners says:

    I love your humor!! Makes my day!!

  5. Bertrand Smith says:

    The reason the commentators were saying you wouldn’t bet big pairs with a high frequency on that board is because you have a massive range disadvantage. Yes your opponent can still have mid pairs, flush draws etc, but judging by how loose most of these players are preflop they can have all sorts of combos of 6x and 5x while you very rarely will, so considering how wide villains calling range can be pre your hand in theory isn’t strong enough to get 3 streets of value on that board texture, particularly for stacks (if you hypothetically had AA)

  6. Patrick Schmidt says:

    I love your vlog. I need someone to root against. Donkey poker vlog. Heehaw

  7. term limited says:

    No joke, someone spent some money on that intro. And it wasn’t the notoriously infamous Mr. Rude.

  8. Eduardo Torres says:

    Just landed in Cincinnati.. @Adam, which Casino do you recommend I visit ?

  9. Matthew Chase says:

    less time in between videos please

  10. James deSousa says:

    Rain Delay killed it…. watching you play higher stakes is enjoyable! Keep it up!

  11. Leonard Behrens says:

    Rain Delay didn’t take as long in-between action as the name perceives. SRD = slight rain delay

  12. Eric says:

    Let me know if you come to Florida. Action is good here as well.

  13. Luis Mantilla says:

    lmao …. "I got two fifths of a royal flush."

  14. Jason says:

    Good fold against the nut flush. His raise size was just begging for a call. Well done.

  15. Jenn Ky says:

    I've watched the stream 3 times now (twice on silent for sanity sake). You & Dan played really well! I get why the K10 would normally be a fold but your read in the moment was on point. Congrats on the win.

  16. Ghost Mutt says:

    I like your vlogs bro.
    But for real, so lucky with that 9 10 hand.

  17. Kevin & Cherilyn Yee says:

    That game looked insane…..stacks on stacks. Nice win and can't wait to watch the rest of your trip. Aloha & Mahalo from Hawai'i.

  18. Mike Parkis says:

    Great video Adam….

  19. Rodney Farmer says:

    Dude every things bigger in Texas. I like your new entro guy. Well done!

  20. Mark Tombazian says:

    So, wrong call at the wrong time. I get check raised and if I don't have top hand or top draw, I'm gone.. yep.

  21. Mark Tombazian says:

    Its not what you have when you call b4 the flop, it's when you do it. AA dies often to cards that should not be played by the "experts" which is all opinion. Thats why its called gambling…

  22. Mark Tombazian says:

    Play your game, not their's…hahaha. get you some of that!

  23. Let's Storm The Tea Cup Ride says:

    Really enjoyed this! Love Rude on the road! Angry Scotland bluffed you out and I was screaming "CALL! CALL!". I can live with the cameo appearance of your plastic shoes, but glad you retired from rapping. I hope me saying this doesn't create a return of that special brand of Rude nonsense. Looking forward to the next installment.

  24. snapfade says:

    I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the higher stakes vlogs. Us fish that watch this mostly play 1/2 maybe 2/5 rarely.

  25. Andrzej Rosinski says:

    Great Play Adam

  26. Jimmy B says:

    Dont listen to Dan. You're the best damn poker player in Texas. You can read souls!

  27. Capt.underPAIRS says:

    Great job! I hope you make it to Texas Card House in Dallas. Way bigger action than Austin! Check out the Dallas live stream, it's crazy!

  28. Kevin Flores says:

    Nice win! Good Luck at the tables from Chicago!

  29. Steve 213 says:

    Thanks Adam

  30. G Man says:

    Nice call with the A 10

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