18 thoughts on “Wheels Have Come Off – Poker Vlog 83”
  1. Earl Valenz says:

    Still playing under the tent¿

  2. xim Thoj says:

    that last hand happen to me too……

  3. PGA TOUR Golf Shootout Central says:

    Hang in there buddy!!

  4. fred smit says:

    I like the dealer sticks that they use to bring in the chips. I wonder why all casinos don't do that.

  5. Adam Trombley says:

    I think we have to bet queens on that turn

  6. Cleveland BoXCar. says:

    I watched this was so thinking your run bad was going too turn positive.. sorry too see.. But cards are cards, keep yourself on the upside!! It will turn around!!.. good luck!

  7. John Kim says:

    AQ hand mostly win small and lose big.

  8. James Wilson says:

    I think almost all the fish is gone. It's tough to play now and it just seems like the money is not there

  9. Dennis Sugabo says:

    I feel your pain on the down swing bro bc I am on that route also..

  10. Nick Rehman says:

    When you have queens there I just think you have to either bet the turn or call river when u underrep ur hand on the turn, that was almost guaranteed a bluff when the board pairs on the end

  11. Antonio Canal says:

    Much respect to your mental mindset

  12. mbtadhl says:

    First time watching…nice job, bad luck with the session but good job with the blog.

  13. Tom Hassell says:

    I’m a fan of taking a poker holiday when I’m on a downswing. My downswings are almost always me, maybe even always. Regardless, I find a holiday helps.

  14. Samuel Lépine says:

    Great city spot! Your play is good, but like you say it's down swing right now! I support 😉

  15. Mr. Personal-ity says:

    should be 4 betting QQ

  16. Get Rich or Die Scratching says:

    I’ve been playing less than a year and I can totally relate. Last week this elderly women called my turn bet to drill trips on the River and then led into me. I just knew she had trips but I paid “to see it”. Tilt is real. We all have your back because you are a cool person with awesome content. Glad you took the needed break. You will rebound.

  17. Gwreck562 says:

    Great vlog man keep up the good work. Sucks to be on a downswing I know. I got wrecked last Sunday flopped a set early on in a tourney and I check raise 2 players on the flop and one folds the other guy jams and has me covered two tone board. Figured he was on a flush draw not going to fold a set so I snap call. And he had the nut flush draw safe turn but he got there on the river busted before the first break. Then I played cash later that day and I turned a nut flush and this guy gets a full house on the river. Rough day, taking a break today as well.

  18. Sam Traygis says:

    Ya it's tough to make the big folds all the time. There's times where you feel your just getting bullied but your really not lol

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