37 thoughts on “When Poker Gamers get ACES CRACKED ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. QT8270 says:


  2. Nice Guy says:

    First of all you have to understand that everything you do at the table gives information, second remember pocket aces is just a pair

  3. M S says:

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  4. Praba karan says:

    any poker player from pondicherry

  5. Not Anonymous says:

    sometimes you need to dodge your own bullets

  6. QT8270 says:


  7. BlubNugg says:

    Too bad they weren't aces suited

  8. Acefull2004 says:

    Seems like stars algorithm is based off these hands

  9. Владимир Ефимов says:

    1-ая раздаче – где префлоп? Ничего не понятно.
    2-ая раздача – вообще что она тут забыла? Чел отморозил и переехал.
    Остальные – более-менее.
    JokeStars – угомонитесь!

  10. Killvoker says:

    7:56 what this music?

  11. Vadim Kuznecov says:

    where is AA vs AA kaitz vs Drinan @ one drop ?

  12. Mighty Mike says:

    That kid went out and punched a wall

  13. JSA Plays says:

    Does anyone else know where to get the old poker chips? Like the black/red ones, yellow/blue, white/purple and orange/white??

  14. Declan Seymour says:

    More recycled content, nice !

  15. Joe Swanson says:

    Daniel seems like such a huge tool on the first clip

  16. Joe Swanson says:

    Love to see it

  17. QT8270 says:


  18. CanadianLoveKnot says:

    Honey, he called me with Q9. Ya, I have aces. I know, what a donkey.

  19. Joe Bear says:

    5:20 I wasn’t expecting him to be that short

  20. PikachuODST says:

    We just gonna ignore that little chin fold at 5:48?

  21. Mark Morlock says:

    getting cracked by a straight or royal flush, it may be hard to find but I want to see some of those.

  22. Adam Hensel says:

    This is what happens every time I have pocket cowboys. I loose to some ridiculous hand on the river.

  23. mmguyy242 says:

    what did he say when the guy responded his phone didn’t work?

  24. Petrila Christian says:

    I think the craziest shit i ve seen was when a guy , i can t remember his name but the video is on this channel , needed only runer runer A , A to win and he get s it. It s the guy that always dresses nice with suit and everything. That was crazy , less than 1% chances there. It was Olivie Busquet

  25. Tom Ho says:

    I don't know why professional pokers think that pocket aces will win their games 100% of the time. Just look at the ranking hands, straight flush beats quads so I would take AK rather than pocket aces.

  26. Ozzy Tang says:

    When do aces get cracked? When you play on a rigged poker platform like pokerstars.

  27. YoutubeCommentsAreCancerous says:

    I'd take pocket pairs under 10 over pocket aces. I swear aces get cracked 75% of the time

  28. Doc James Burton says:

    this is exactly why you never go all in pre flop.. it's the most idiotic thing a "pro" can do

  29. Rockyall says:

    no connor drinan in the one drop? surprising

  30. KODRAD CHANEL says:

    Keren, i like poker

  31. Jason Rosen says:

    @7:03 lol

  32. Bobby says:

    Hello, my babies!

  33. Hyperhidrosis says:

    @3:24 what slow roll dnegs. Looked like an insta call to me

  34. Руслан says:


  35. Руслан says:


  36. Руслан says:


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