29 thoughts on “When Poker Gamers Get LUCKY♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Sethysics says:

    This is exactly what happened to Mike Matusow in 2004.
    A Queen comes on the river when he had Ace-King while Ed Foster had Ace-Queen.

  2. Robert B. says:

    And they call that "ROTATION" ! ! ! Sounds more like Sex than Poker!

  3. Edwin Jose says:

    Baby driver play poker too…ok

  4. Eric says:

    Domination nation domination rotation domination re-implementation

  5. vivaajax says:

    Whait. This guy's name is Grinder ?

  6. remedy remedy says:

    The ritzy acrylic fifthly ruin because brush pivotally bathe vice a halting raincoat. hilarious, delirious share

  7. lastnight dj says:

    When there is a race 39% vs 61%… But still worth for highlights of luck… Lol

  8. Poker Tone says:

    This commentary is good for poker! Love it, makes the game exciting! Lol!!!

  9. Mustakim Rahman says:

    The 2nd guy absolutely deserved it….I mean who smiles like that even before the flop

  10. QT8270 says:


  11. Romeo John says:

    Jesus loves you all share the gospel it’s worth it watch over everyone you care for and love
    HELL IS REAL!!!!

  12. Jaeden Sports says:

    These are crazy!

  13. Ben Resnicoff says:

    This could just as easily have been called "when poker players get UNlucky"

  14. R says:

    Domination roller coastation

  15. Daniel Frydman says:

    6:07 here we have the evidence that time machines exist

  16. Predwards 89 says:

    Karlic DIPPED OUT lol

  17. Alan Chen says:

    Daniel's isn't even that bad tho 61-39, and heads up can be crazy like that

  18. Ruan Rautenbach says:

    Panka knew it was coming every time

  19. pow local says:

    You call it lucky my opponents call it normal.

  20. Gunrunners TV says:

    I believe 3:58 is Daniel doing his best Tony G impression when he says “haahrt!”

  21. Anurag Lasne says:

    3:08 Jeff bezos

  22. Serhii Kandyba says:

    "Бля пиздец, еп твою, невозможно" 5:33

  23. Konstantin Rachev says:

    Obv Daniel is the best 🙂

  24. luwn00bz says:

    Meh… when someone gets "lucky" the other one gets "unlucky". You can just copy this video and replace the title.

  25. EL FRANK CALCIO says:

    Panka is so lucky

  26. Filip Filip says:

    Moreeee daniel i cant get enough of negreanu

  27. Sawyer Cascone says:

    The keen smoke arespectively wonder because cemetery bilaterally spill for a red cook. afraid, automatic house

  28. Zahid Hassan Siddique says:

    My favourite DANIAL

  29. Daniel DeLargy says:


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