13 thoughts on “When Poker Gamers hit QUADS ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. QT8270 says:


  2. SniperLui says:

    I love watching McDonald lose with that cringe ridiculous stare he does. Looks like a fool.

  3. Jake Arellano says:

    Is everyone gonna ignore how he called Noazaki "Rising Sun"?

  4. D B says:

    Confused on why drinan ain’t re Raise to get extra money from the other guy. I never seen anything like that

  5. Evan Sokolson says:

    What is that banger outro song???

  6. Colin Deserno says:

    Quite like the layla reference

  7. moker joker says:

    mcdonald stare is so crincyyyyy!! can"t watch that guy!

  8. nintendokings says:

    Always nice when the fun rec beats the shark with shades

  9. TheRagnaRoek says:

    The pure joy of Nozaki at the end is so adorable, just a guy on vacation having a good time. Great clip to end the video on a high note

  10. Benedocta says:

    These comparisons are so clearly rehearsed, overdone and lame. Please stop.

  11. ЗЕТА says:

    i thought queen is coming

  12. Sho says:

    Dislike this comment to get aces on your next hand.

  13. Nicholas Garberg says:

    Daniel really took a turn in the way he looks

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