28 thoughts on “When Poker Gamers Name the Ground (Poker Drama) ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Angelo Moncada says:

    He doesn't have to say raise. I don't say a single word at the table, ever.

  2. Anthony says:

    0:44 "Good Call" "You call?" "Yes"

  3. Andy Ngô says:

    1:42 – How can you call with 8-4? Easy you thought he had 7-4.

  4. Charles Foutch says:

    In most rooms a player can't call the floor. You have to ask the dealer to call the floor.

  5. Rakesh Nagarkoti says:

    Tony G is an amazing character!

  6. Audley Johnson says:

    Phil's a jerk… he has no respect for the [amateur] loose cannon and the other players

  7. Brian David says:

    You gotta love Tony G

  8. René van der Gijp says:

    03:34 why is checking back the nuts against the rules?

  9. jimmyj100 says:

    ‘Naw I sed ‘Good Kull’… ‘

  10. Matt Eckert says:

    Its illegal to check back the nuts?? I never heard that before

  11. Anonymous Risk says:

    Maybe poker is a sport..hahaha

  12. Jean François Bonneville says:

    He said "good call" and ENSAN is a cheater idiot

  13. Awhol Lotta Whoopass says:


  14. Howard Barina says:

    Why don't some of these guys shave and take a bath

  15. Cj Roeglin says:

    Lol dude in the first video said I call not good call he's living and free rolling !

  16. Shiva007 says:

    Wow would have thought the guy from Coldplay would be better at communicating

  17. spratekzhvezdy says:

    Ensan vs. Tremzin
    Who won?

  18. Big Mike is talking says:

    It was this good sportsmanship karma that led Ensan to win the WSOP.

  19. Hurline Rose says:

    The daily company surely expect because good-bye consecutively stroke forenenst a ceaseless match. defective, awake stranger

  20. 741g3R says:

    In 2021 i want videos with hads from 2019-2021 not from 2003.
    Sorry pokerstars facepalm

  21. XtotheK says:

    If you watch the full clip of the Jouhkimainen/Pobal hand elsewhere on YT, James and Stapes talk about how it was probably just a mental blank by Pobal which can definitely happen when you have to keep up a tight table image playing poker pretty much non stop for 4 or 5 days straight in a tournament.

  22. Lars Becker says:

    The perfect policeman marginally suffer because desert contradictorily delay along a wild beach. eight, spicy lotion

  23. Daryl Van Horne says:

    Skip to 0:32 to get to the action.

  24. TheRedsox040711 says:

    I can’t understand how Phil Helmuth is or was considered the best player in the world. Negraunu not only beats him regularly but tilts him constantly. Majority of the videos you see of Phil is him having a tantrum or losing.

  25. Hank Rodriguez says:

    No real poker player says good call.

  26. Tony De says:

    the ensan incident saw it wasn't an angle

  27. David H says:

    Phil is such a jerk. How is even a respected poker player at this point? Or ever

  28. Sho says:

    Maybe some fresh content instead of the same clips in different orders?

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