28 thoughts on “When POKER PLAYERS get saved by the RIVER ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Jack McCann says:

    Cutting out the table talk from the T8 vs. 98 hand was criminal

  2. Steve Sweetwater says:

    Once you go to the flop, it's all luck.

  3. Der Monotone says:

    5:17 did I miss something here? Shouldn't of Honeyman won? I mean they both had a Straight on the table, though she had the higher pair, no?

  4. n1claren says:

    fuck you mean Pokerstars i got 3 harder bad beasts in 1 tournament just now

  5. Cohen The Show says:

    2:50 lmao i cant even count how many times i had that i cant believe how unlucky i am face xd… The other day i lost full house vs Quads and the quads card came on the river it was a flop all in situation.

  6. Nuryaki says:

    pls tell me, how the last 6 won in the last clip? how?

  7. BEAST MUSIC says:

    I didn't understand the last hand, what combination did she win with? Plz help

  8. Vemireddy Janardhan Reddy says:

    these are only bad beats, not miracle. It happened to me when I am playing in final table in gg. Only two remained and I am the chip leader. My opp has QQ, and I have 77. He bets half of his stack before the pre flop,and the flop is 4Q6 and he bets remaining half.after both cards are opened I felt like I lose if 7 comes, no use of it because he had bigger set. And the turn is 7 and I feel same as no use, and the river also another 7. This is the best ever I had seen.

  9. J P says:

    Phil hellmuth reminds me of Trump
    Both cry baby

  10. Kaung San Thu says:

    Yap, every low hands is getting save by the river on the Riverstars

  11. Jonny Danger says:

    I didn't know the chick from Ridiculousness played poker

  12. Michael Moore says:

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  13. Abdellatif El Mounaouar says:

    The last scene, What happen the Guy have A,A and the Girl has A,K, The guys should win isn't it ? Iam a beginner in poker, can anyone expline that to mean ? How she won with a straight ? Knowing her hand doesn't complete the folds or river … ?!?!

  14. Zoner1nz says:

    1:58 he had two outs by the river. Keep up commentators!!

  15. Dramatic Label Reading says:

    Literally could all be Daniel negraunu

  16. GusChiggins says:

    This happens almost every hand I see on online poker. Why do I lose 9 out of 10 showdowns when I have the better starting hand? Percentages and statistics don't care about your expectations

  17. Pratik Kakade says:

    Should have add reactions more

  18. Stefanos Gln says:

    Was playing poker yesterday had a pocket of 5's and got saved on the river as well. Three minutes later and I get this notification..got spooked as hell

  19. Charles Moore says:

    At 4:06 how is the 10 an out when he is going up against a flush?

  20. LProduction says:

    Which is the best online Poker side ? reading pokerstars is ripping off

  21. QT8270 says:


  22. jim palmer says:

    normal online

  23. Walden Boulevard says:

    Came here expecting to see Phil Hellmuth get stacked

  24. Travis the Solar Expert Dosser says:

    How many mediocre players have careers because they hit lucky in big tourneys?

  25. Ariel Garcia says:

    Can anyone explain on how does the last clip win? How does straight 5-9 with Ace heart and king spade win against double aces???

  26. YoutubeCommentsAreCancerous says:

    If you go all-in with anything under pocket 10's you deserve to lose imo. All in with pocket 4's in a tourney has to be the dumbest play ive seen, she got incredibly lucky

  27. Ryan Bush says:

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  28. MaskHero Zo says:

    Everyone saved by the River. That's is poker for ya.

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