14 thoughts on “When POKER PLAYERS make MISTAKES ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa says:

    funny i actually misclicked today on pokerstars making a 5 dollar bet into $54

  2. Time4Action says:


  3. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    Was that first guy angle shooting? How do you make that mistake twice in the same hand? What a bozo.

  4. Adam Newman says:

    I had trips

  5. xavier smile says:

    that first hand was actually pretty sick lol

  6. Nate Robinson's body says:

    I can understand that last mistake

  7. timtrfny timtrfny says:

    Last one is hilarious. Happened to me too. Q9 is the queens pump fake, like A4 is the aces pump fake.

  8. J. Thomas says:

    Remember when Negreanu was the one always losing his shatt at the table? Those were the days…

  9. Sean Carlisle says:

    Action card would imply there is possible action. They all in pre man great analysis lol

  10. Thomas Cao says:

    "No he was just thinking about a face melting guitar solo"

  11. Samuel Owen says:

    Heyo! Negreanu is so fun to watch, hope to play like him one day

  12. Owen Salsbury says:

    lol definitely an angle shot by Daniel

  13. It's Me Snake says:


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