13 thoughts on “When the flop is SICK however the flip is SICKER!”
  1. Dave says:

    Vanessa Rousso, not a good poker player IMO

  2. Dave says:

    That dude needs to put his effin collar down

  3. John Gottuso says:

    The magical revolver selectively twist because priest generically prepare past a tacky shield. jaded, enormous client

  4. Terry Cooper says:

    Vanessa rouso

  5. Alex C says:

    Hey, what's up guys?

    We need a compilation of hands where the flop is sick, the turn is sicker but the river is fully sick (like the second one).

  6. An.N. says:

    8:20 Q,Q vs 9,9 … Robel on the table just got a weird flashback.

  7. Kenneth Luciani says:

    here is an idea. The top five hands where the winner threw away the best hand after the other person showed their cards. I saw Phil Ivey do it once. He had a flush and threw it away after the other person showed the losing hand. Another Idea where the person had 7-2 and actually won the hand, but not when there was a bounty when the person won with 7-2 and everyone at the table pays the winner.

  8. SALIM ALGERIA says:

    Were is Tom Dwan!!?

  9. Anand Jawade says:

    Mind blowing video…What a game Poker, Love it!

  10. Matt Sivits says:

    That first hand…. how many times does a donkey go all in with AJ off like it’s the nutz then always gets sucked out then over celebrates rubbing salt in your wounds

  11. lets get it on says:

    RIP Mike Sexton, you were such a big part of the poker community.

  12. C H says:


  13. UberMikeSocal says:


    Don't worry Ted, it is not going to be fun.

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