18 thoughts on “Whenever you THINK that SICK RIVER card helped you!”
  1. NW Traveler says:

    Lily has the top pair.

  2. mashed potato says:

    that lady at the end if no poker player.

  3. Joe Don says:

    Why do women players enjoy hanging their tits out?

  4. StreetKing Productions says:

    7:09 shows why some poker players are extremely stupid dude bet $300k when the diamonds hit and you just assume he doesn’t have a flush. You deserve to lose the chip lead and all your money for calling

  5. ibrahim tufekci says:

    I prefer these pairs to royal flush.

  6. Darren Shaw says:

    Rest in peace the comments section

  7. David Carter says:

    Vanessa looks adorable with those glasses.

  8. Dr. Acula says:

    So what is this like a poker video or something?

  9. Chris Abshier says:

    Lily or tilly?

  10. Chris Abshier says:

    Never tell a secret in the middle of a cornfield. There's too many ears. I know it's a corny joke.

  11. Danny Deres says:

    Seriously, I congratulate any man or woman who keeps eye contact with that lady.

  12. Đỗ Việt Huy says:

    Yeah I'm thicking

  13. dave m says:

    Goofy or Drunk as she is — you can’t deny that you wouldn’t want her as a Wife

  14. Mark Harmon says:

    Suddenly thirsty for two jugs of milk

  15. Noah Plitt says:

    Y’all impressed by the thumbnail, I’m impressed by Vanessa

  16. smi noir says:

    “ShE’s ALwaYs gOt a PaIR” you got the whole squad laughing bro

  17. himynameisfeli says:

    Top pair

  18. Adam Meehan says:


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