20 thoughts on “While you THINK you've flopped a monster: four BRUTAL poker coolers!”
  1. Vinny Stax says:

    2:24 Garrett "Gman" Adelstein cameo

  2. Andrew Deodat says:

    Jake looks like Harry Potter when he grows up lol

  3. sinatra222 says:

    Juanda had trips

  4. Craig M says:

    I miss Mike

  5. Gabriel Kong says:

    Exactly what u get for tryna f with John from IT.

  6. Pan E says:

    Sick and disgusting

  7. Michael says:

    You never lose with a bad hand, only a good hand

  8. Patrick Carlson says:

    Laying on the floor crying like a little baby,wtf,get up be a man,you can show your emotions standing up, you look like a fool bro,

  9. Kevin r says:

    There would have been a 100% chance I would have beaten the living shit out of that piece of shit for acting like that against me. TBP

  10. Oidocrop says:

    Around 7:30 i felt so cringed

  11. Beans says:

    Lol at that guy crying like fuck

  12. Christina Garner says:

    Rediculous to lay in floor and cry and take a peek to see if the camera is on you, just gross

  13. Mingi says:

    I understand how much he wanted to win but laying on the ground and crying is just too much

  14. TheLuozhixiang says:

    Dwete and Jason so annoying

  15. Benji Mcallister says:

    I loved the last one. Put that cocky yuppie in his place.

  16. SALIM ALGERIA says:

    I want to see Tom Dwaaaan

  17. Bob S says:

    Another big mouth lets see if he ever gets even near to a title again 1 hit wonder

  18. Mali227 says:

    „I don‘t wanna get up“
    It‘s allright Buddy, just do ur ting

  19. Steven Juan says:

    So sick…

  20. Peleg Bar says:

    What an arrogant and annoying this Dwyte.. I wanted so bad to see Kia get a full house.

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