43 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump's Previous Atlantic Metropolis On line casino Was Blown Up | Forbes”
  1. believe 777 says:

    Building 7 9/11

  2. Alex C says:

    Just like 9/11 towers

  3. Alen P says:

    I bet another casino gets build only bigger this time

  4. iPeter says:

    Seems disjointed to interview woman at beach…

  5. Atilla Bora Aydın says:

    oddly satisfying

  6. World Travel Sisters says:

    I never heard of Atlantic mayor… Now I know he celebrated demo the tallest building in his city. Something is wrong.

  7. john doe says:


  8. Juliet Calimeno says:

    Thes. Conman. 45. Is. Ilyign.

  9. Mike McGlock says:

    Why does it look like when the twin towers fell?

  10. Julie Spurlock says:

    What a loser only person to loose owning a casino what schumbag

  11. gary sizemore says:

    yep he's one helluva businessman

  12. JDP says:

    And people still believe the twin towers fell bc of airplane…..

  13. Jenefa says:

    Ladies & Gentleman, this is the moment we've waited for.

  14. Global Writing Networks says:

    Looks like how 911 came down

  15. Centrist Philosopher says:

    1:42 'it hosted ALL the Mike Tyson fights'

    Maybe all the Tyson fights in the 80s but Tyson fought in Memphis, Las Vegas, Glasgow and Madison Square Garden too

  16. Tough Flowers says:

    Why didn’t he pay the folks that built it, that’s the same thing with the golden nugget in lake Charles la folks didn’t get paid

  17. Isla Games says:

    That Ozark couple were not inform of this? Why ?

  18. Samuel Tremblay says:

    He had this coming

  19. Jeff Reisen says:

    F the homeless new York and new Jersey are on their downs anyway

  20. RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

    More FAKE NEWS. He didn't even own it and he didn't care.

  21. SAVAGE says:

    Hopefully they will all come down. From now on he is 'Bunkerbitch'

  22. Randor11 says:

    Most casinos are money-making cash cows. It's hard for a casino to be actually losing money unless:
    a. Gross mismanagement and or negligent operations
    b. Money continually being drained from the business'es budget.

  23. anti theist says:

    Just an efficient way to incinerate many tRumpers at once.
    Young Barron?…. Completely bald.

  24. honeydooda says:

    Excellent narrative!


    This world system is nearly over.
    JESUS is Returning SOON! ALLELUIA!
    "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

  26. crypto serf says:

    Ended like his presidency

  27. Maria Wolski says:

    It would perfectly fit all homeless people of Atlantic city..

  28. Max Steiner says:

    Ended just like his presidency.

  29. Albert Sancho says:


  30. Swan_Ronson says:

    This reminded me of the twin towers that came crashing down. Such a shame.

  31. Angela Davis says:

    Was he inside? That would have been much better

  32. Kentyip Kentyip says:

    even a mafia can be president

  33. Channel Zero says:

    Why is watching this giving me such relief? Could be my CPTSD…lol

  34. thewizboy says:

    Liberals are so pathetic.

  35. Andromeda says:

    "What a beautiful sight"

  36. Becky Lipps says:

    A totally liberal site, I’m out.

  37. GEORGE 777 says:

    Just the start of trumps house of cards falling.

  38. Vanguards of Kemet says:

    I Hate Forbes .

  39. TheraP2014 says:

    A mere bag of shells for a multi billionaire.

  40. Tobin Shekhar says:

    Trumps name will be erased from history.

  41. Jun Morales says:

    I hope it won't take 25 years for his other negative influences to go away…

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