14 thoughts on “Why Jon Hein As soon as Received Kicked Out of a On line casino”
  1. Robert Perez says:

    John can count to 52.

  2. itsallisonbitch says:

    Does anyone really believe Jon??

  3. Pete Parker2288 says:

    Sounds like that casino got a taste of high energy jon hein

  4. tubesox000 says:

    " Pretty good BlackJack player" . Looses $2,499

  5. Robert Henry says:

    Jon got blown 47 times in 4 days

  6. Exploring With ASMR says:

    I see that JD still can't get a sentence out properly. Nothing has changed. lol.

  7. Debra H. says:

    That is some bullsh**t saying he was counting cards !
    I would have been pissed off too.

  8. Scott Miller says:

    Reminds me of Michael Keaton in night shift

  9. Chris Bruggers says:

    I love how the casinos kick you out for counting cards… if you develop a skill that puts the odds even slightly in your favor, out you go. If that doesnt convince you to stay away from casinos nothing will.

  10. Just a number says:

    Hes got a hangry prowesses-thing.

  11. Travis Does It All says:

    Robin looks so good!!

  12. Big BILLY says:

    WE ❤️ JON HEIN

  13. J.J. Martinez says:

    Heyyyyyy nowwwwwwww

  14. Michael vidäl says:


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