20 thoughts on “Why you NEVER WIN in Roulette on-line on line casino”
  1. Svenskt i hjärtat says:

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  3. ELECTRO SHOCK says:

    The problem is: what about real casino? Do they use same sistem?

  4. Digital Tech says:

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  5. Neha Rawat says:

    Jis bhai ko id OR point chaiye es nuber py watsappp kare 9873624777 .10000 k piont lany py 12000 k point dal k dunga paymnt sidha acunt m dalunga bhaiyo

  6. Reddit Monsta says:

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  7. Alex Planet says:

    Online Casino by Katie Wager https://www.katiewager.com/

  8. sokhib Abdurasulov says:

    It would be true if you are the only one playing it. Obviously someone bet on black while you bet on red.

  9. Wallace McBroom says:

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  10. Alan Moura says:

    Sportingbet saindo preto 15 vezes seguidas e eu perdendo no vermelho. Martingale só faltou falar pra gente que dinheiro não é infinito e nem anti roubo.

  11. ed z says:

    all games are rigged in online casinos …they control everything to make sure u can’t win big…if u do win some the next day or week or month u play u will definitely lose no matter how u play or bet…it happens all the time. people please stop playing online casino, you have no chance to win. there is no luck, you win only because they let you to win.

  12. CrazyStax856 says:

    wow, so that's why I lose $1,000 every time I play. so sad….I have family and Bill's too. # NO FAIR

  13. Ahdase says:

    now the dude get a job in casino..and deleted this vid

  14. simon yang says:

    that's too obvious…the way the ball lands in online casinos look quite natural to me…

  15. Олег О. G. says:

    Казино онлайн мать вашу мафия суки

  16. Олег О. G. says:

    Looool why make Malta Lizenz casino nothings…
    This is realy so of casino!

  17. LARSFSO says:

    Wow, as someone who works at a casino, dealing thousands of roulette games, I can tell you that this is not how our (or basically all licensed casino's) roulette work. Do you honestly think the casino would be approved if this is how they operated? Guys, with all the variables when doing a spin and spinning the wheel, it's random. There is no need for us to cheat, as the house edge is already built into the game FUNDAMENTALLY!

  18. king morons says:


  19. Nunsensei says:

    If you know what ROTOR has to do with ball, nothing can stop. But you need a super fast brain to calculate.

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