1. Joy Raney says:

    Very nice win for the wife! Was fun to watch.

  2. Ecstatically Extreme says:

    Trying to figure out, as slot players….are we greedy or the opposite…. just very giving? lol

  3. Bennett Hastings says:

    You degenerates must really be having withdrawls now

  4. William Baker says:

    You know what would be NICE…………HOLDING THE CAMERA STILL>

  5. AK007 says:

    These closures are killin me!

  6. Jackpotter Slots says:

    Nice Handpay. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Melissa Majors says:

    Isn't the payline incredibly low on these Ainsworth machines? We love to play Rumble, but unless you hit the progressive, I don't think that you can win any more than $250 on a full screen of wilds at a 2.50 bet. Have you played that one before and what's your opinion of it? Also, I might have missed it, what is this game called? Great job!

  8. Slotty by Nature says:

    That was awesome! Why didn’t that last bonus trigger the HP lock up?

  9. Attn Jack says:

    Mrs. Jack is a degen's degen! So boss!

  10. Larry Preiser says:

    What casino?

  11. ChicoTwins says:

    enjoyed the video. "Roulette King"

  12. THAIGERs says:

    Ainsworth are shitty machines without the progressive, I hardly see 5 of a kinds like the Konami.

  13. curteyethecat700 says:

    Incredible session by Elena!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Stay safe you two and hopefully the casinos will opened up before June 1st!

  14. My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos says:

    Great Job! That was a Retrigger Frenzy on that game! I have not played that game but it reminds me of Mustang Money 2 but without the progressives.

  15. Donna LOPEZ says:

    Congratulations To Your Wife. I need to gamble with her. Thanks for sharing. Stay healthy to you both

  16. JS Slots says:

    Congrats on a nice win. Thanks for sharing. Lots of Retriggers.

  17. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos says:

    Awesome! Would love to find this one and congrats!

  18. NG Slot says:

    You are the king of those Ainsworth machines ! Congrats guys !

  19. HUFF N PUFF says:

    Wow!! Nice need to get NG on this one

  20. Deanna Star says:

    Sweet wins. Can you explain how you win the progressives? Do you have to have the boxes line up on the middle three reels on a played line? Do the symbols inside the boxes have to match? Seems like the retriggers are the key to the big wins. It would be even better if the paws that trigger the feature were wild too but I guess that’s asking for too much. Thanks for sharing!

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