22 thoughts on “Wigan On line casino – House Of Northern Soul….”
  1. Roy Griffiths says:

    Happy Memories of Wigan Casino if it was still open now it would be a Gold mine There will never be a place like it again Just glad I got to go there many times If only I had a time machine to go back to the Amazing Night's I had there I am still Keeping The Faith

  2. Eddie Murphy says:

    it was the torch and the twisted wheel that was the home of northern soul wigan was years later

  3. David Harrison says:

    Lucozade. .. my arse . high on pills .

  4. Tolly T says:

    Northern Soul was never and still isnt a venue. It really doesn't matter if it was the Casino, the Wheel, Blackpool, Mecca, the Winter Gardens or Pier at Cleethorpes.. Its a bringing together of totally disparate groups of people under one banner.. THE MUSIC AND FRIENDSHIP.. Ktf

  5. george de'athe says:

    Is it 2:00 ?

  6. CHRIS G Johnson says:


  7. Tammy Owens says:

    just seen niteowl147 on this video

  8. RareSoulKTF says:

    Peggy Spencer is spot on………. yes it came from the heart……….the soul…….but… quote 'they will grow out of that' unquote……no no no she doesn't realise how deep the soul is and as time has proven, anyone who attended wigan casino and felt the magic will tell you it never dies its always with you and we wil never grow out off it…….KTF

  9. jimmy moss says:

    Remember on my one trip to Wigan expecting the whole soul bags and beer towels kit and being shocked as most were actually wearing running shorts.

  10. Susan Smith says:

    Beautiful Fran xx God bless and keep you safe

  11. 57dogsbody says:

    5:53 "It was Lucozade that kept the majority of people going". I Know old Russ wasn't the sharpest guy, but he knows he is lying. It was dexamphetamine that kept 95% of the people going. Would have been 100%, but some people just came to have a look.

  12. Stephen Eckersley says:

    Well I was in the minority then cos I never took drugs! A whole loaf of Jam butties was in my bag. One of my mates from Blackpool went home to bed after a nighter at Wigan and never woke up!

  13. Ian Stacey NORTHERN SOUL says:

    nice film well put together

  14. engine-54 says:

    great doc, thank you!

  15. Innasoul Φ Music Φ says:

    Sounds like Vicky Coren Mitchell narrating.

  16. Stephen Smethurst says:

    Proud to be part of it all .KTF. . SMETH.

  17. sloppy jo says:

    town council leaders ,,arrsholes

  18. liam whitcombe says:

    For his contribution to the Northern Soul scene in Britain (latterly the world) imho, I think Russ Winstanley should've been mentioned in the Queens New Year's Honours List. The man brought people from all over the country together in celebration of the music. & gave memories that the aforementioned, myself included, have cherished ever since & continue to do so. GOD BLESS YOU RUSS

  19. Robert Higginson says:

    We enjoyed first , the highland room , then on to casino , collin curtis ian levine , russ winstanley ,living near blackpool , it was pretty dam fine , but having to work on a sunday had its negs , best ever at casino , footsie , the all crowd on the floor was as totally as one , here we were in the cathreall of northern ! When i whent to work i got sympathy , they thought that i was ill , no , just alittle bit tired . I could do it then 24 hour clock , now im nackered , but the music , not all of it , but the toppers , no room on the danse floor . Why did they really have to pull the casino down , with out any consultation , hey greater manchester council , why . Think there is some good christian members of the council that made that discission , and he had a younge daughter , it would happen in memphis or the motor city . Time for a swim . Keep the faith ! ! !

  20. Danny Feeney says:

    cheers oldsoulboy….

  21. Oldsoulboy says:

    I think that it is on the Sky Arts Channel at 3.30am Go into Catch Up and do a search for Northern Soul, you will also see that both of the recent films, Northern Soul and Soul Boy are still available to watch.

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