27 thoughts on “WILD FLOWER! 5 Bonuses On The New Massive Time Gaming Slot!”
  1. Vlad Dody says:

    i think i got lucky on 20p paid me in total 800£ ..couldn’t believe lol

  2. alex pickup says:

    oh i didnt know the bonus takes away the premo symbols which is ppretty good

  3. alex pickup says:

    gave this slot a go when it came out and its not good on the balace in the base game

  4. Moreofafivehead thanaforehead says:

    I do miss Josh tilting on stream. It's the best. Come back and moan some bonai in!

  5. Jay jay CARDS says:

    are you sure this game is out? ive looked on paddy an bet fair cant see it at all

  6. R3 says:

    I had a play other day only got 1 bonus paid 125X not too long to drop bout 30-40 spins if that

  7. natasha begley says:

    2nd worst slot ever created behind Lil Devil!

  8. For Real says:

    Why are you no longer streaming Josh? Are you just running the business in the back ground and keeping the fellas in check?

  9. Melly 21 says:

    i´m glad for the vid, but didn´t you realize, that you´re slot sound plays double?? from you 3 guys it´s only you and thats for quite a long while know. Would be glad if you can fix it pls.. it´s drive me crazy for months now xD

  10. wilba232 says:

    At the end of the day Josh this may not have been promo but this painted the slot in a realistic light rather than negative. If it promotes anything its responsible gambling. I'll be a 40p spin guy myself.

  11. christian winter says:

    Oh fuck you were playing over a 20p spins, affiliatesRfake is going to go off his tits

  12. NO Frills says:

    Usual money grabbing slot ridiculous amount of time to bonus

  13. ZARK says:

    Don’t care about the slot to be fair looks a bit shit, but I will tell you that wild flower and lil devil are songs by the cult off the electric album 1987. Scotty will probably love that album

  14. Kalle Kallenen says:

    So its basically another lil'devil where you can sit 600 spins having maybe 10 hearts and no bonus. Or that 1500 spins and having the hearstopper bonus with 5x win and nothing happens in the base game for that 1500 spins.

    YEah. BTG just never fails to surprise you positively.

  15. Slotmaster AlexandraKP says:

    Horrible game – btg should up their game.

  16. luugius says:

    I think the one in five for the enhanced feature is just at the sweet spot, I think it is still rarer than the heartstopper bonus in lil devil, at least I have never had 5 bonuses in grinding up the 40 hearts 😀

  17. Reddalek888 says:

    You talk too much !!!

  18. AFTERSHOCK !!! says:

    Nice stream….Thanks Josh

  19. Thomas Dunn says:

    Your second enhanced bonus Glitched the wilds stayed full instead of letting other 9's land and if you take a look at the game afterwards the 9's turning to wilds is still present. Contact Nick Josh it's errored whilst you played mate

  20. zeeks_2 says:

    Why is skrill used to deposit with all streamers Why not your Bank account if you don't mind answering literally all streamers use skrill I deposit with my Visa bank card and Im sure everyone else does what's going on??? @fruityslots

  21. Richard Swinburn says:

    Nick from btg give your head a wobble mate not good taking that many spins Haha not for me that might aswell play danger or little devil


    i1 in 5 is bollox i had 37 bonuses on this slot yesterday on pokerstars spend 9hr on it and 3k best win was 545x with 9s as special icon 1 in 5 hahahahah

  23. BP BP says:

    PlayTech games over everything. It's unfortunate they're only on betfair and skybet as far as I'm aware

  24. Dob Nufc says:

    Its ok the 2 usual suspects hidious and nick fake slots will no doubt be the first ones to "hit" 1000x plus with their raw deposits honest its always raw deposits dont ever say its not or they get angry lol

  25. William Francis says:


  26. Keely Kingston says:

    btg most over rated provider i never win on btg games just rips for me you looking for volly has to be no limit city

  27. Edward Flynn says:

    a got the super feature last night and won 914 of 20p stake ended up with 40 spins got upto x500 last 9 spins were dead spins

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