30 thoughts on “Wild On line casino Evening! – The Crew Pixelmon SMP Episode 21 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod!)”
  1. Jason Berube says:

    Name the Wooloo Cupcake, if you know you know

  2. Ybkmyco says:

    55:16 Jeb gonna be a mob boss

  3. Omaer 1 says:

    Very Nice!

  4. Speeding with Steeto says:

    Speedy you dirty sob i live you! Jebs shout out was amazing!

  5. iitsTre_ says:

    Anybody else think Yazzy was probably genuinely sad facing when Speedy boo'd?

  6. Colby Miller says:

    The first several minutes of the casino reminds me of the dealers room opening at my local anime con.

  7. Philip Dudingston says:

    I think shubble got away with that IOU

  8. Josh Fowler says:

    bouffalant has an afro, the shiny could be good for the gym

  9. Bradley Russell says:

    Once you got the 13M I woulda stopped

  10. Alex Lemus says:

    i love these videos sooo much, keep em coming bro

  11. Bradley Russell says:

    You should have tropius sitting on top of your tree with the farm thing or whatever it’s calles

  12. seasoakedperversion says:

    nice alt girl wooloo dude

  13. Iudez says:

    Ruthless 3’6” businessman gamer kyrspeedy

  14. Cannon Gaming says:

    Anyone know how to get incenses

  15. Alistair Dent says:

    This ep was fucking hilarious.

  16. The Poor Homie says:

    Its a crime how many likes he has, deploy the likes!

  17. diab3tic bear says:

    29:20 made me lol

  18. Bouke Mink says:

    from 13 mill to 15k REAL QUICK

  19. Jth1219 says:

    39:25 needs to be animated

  20. Casual Troll says:

    did i miss something i thought the casino opened in yesterdays video?

  21. Ben says:

    Still waiting for Pete to build Wool Game

  22. Tanner Deaton says:

    You could breed the hydreigons

  23. Chris says:

    I'd touch trade pokes with pikachu. He said he got Kara to 80% doing it

  24. Just Magikarp says:


  25. Tater Tots says:

    look at all these simps for shubbleshit

  26. Mei Desuwa says:

    Push the button!

  27. Juaan_johnson says:

    Shiny zoroak was my first shiny. I love it

  28. Deathfound You42 says:

    More hour 25 min episodes plzzz Mr speedy!!

  29. S Spiller says:


  30. brad_the_mad_lad says:

    10/10 social skills btw

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