25 thoughts on “Wild Panda and American Bison slot bonuses at San Manuel on line casino.”
  1. Cranberry Juice says:

    Everett is that you

  2. mjyo channel says:

    Bunoses and game over are partner hehe

  3. mjyo channel says:

    Just like me I transfer to other machine when I dont win
    Wishing to win in other machine but
    You always game over hehe no luck better next time

  4. Slot Traveler says:

    That moment when you bet she yourself lol! I’ve been there! I mom’s the bison game, but buffalo got jealous 😉

  5. Lady Grateful #gratefulfilipina says:

    Hello my awesome Panda friend :)…hope you had a wonderful weekend my friend…..
    God bless you always, win big!…watching……………;)

  6. Slot Gypsy Leeann says:

    First time I seen bison was on Diana’s channel , I so want to play it great video ❤️

  7. Mai Ly says:

    Nice win

  8. AlphaTraveler1 says:

    I was able to play the American Bison on my trip to Vegas. I remember walking away up a bit. Cool game. Thanks for the share.

  9. GiGi Goes Gambling says:

    Nice wins on the wheel bonus! Hope you had a fun weekend. Tell Chris I don’t think that Bison/Buffalo is going to make my Las Vegas list. Looking forward to meeting you both in Vegas.

  10. GETLUCKY101 says:

    Good win there Panda hope you hit that big jackpot soon.

  11. Littlebitofnothin' says:

    Not bad sessions. So hard to bonus on Panda and American Bison looks similar to Buffalo, except stingier. Always nice to see a 40× win. Congrats. Thanks for posting.

  12. Учиться легко со Славой says:

    Great video

  13. Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures says:

    Awesome wins congratulations and keep it going ☘️☘️☘️☘️

  14. Linda S says:


  15. San Manuel Casino says:

    Thanks for visiting! See you again soon!

  16. AA Slots says:

    Good play and bonus wins on the Wild Panda and American Bison, congrats! I like both games, I played them before and will do again soon.

  17. Pret Rosalyn says:

    Good play friend Panda, been awhile… miss your slot machine videos and i dont think this is your voice haha

  18. Ryan403 says:

    Thanks for the upload Panda! Wild Panda is a hard bonus to get. Pretty sure I’ve only gotten it once, but I also don’t play it often. Hope your weekends going well


    Get'em next time my friend KEEP it Rollin Peace LOVE and MONEY…

  20. di's foodie videos says:

    Nice win Everett always does good on the slots and he's so cool when he wins like I always say Panda you two make a great team. I mite go to the casino this Saturday I hope so I need my Jackpot Party fix lol I like the old Super Jackpot Party machine but I'll play the new one too lol Have a Awesome Sunday Panda.

  21. Denise's Orchid Paradise says:

    fun games, pretty good bonus on American Bison. hope you had a great weekend!

  22. Leonard Gado says:

    Hello mr.panda boy, how was your day

  23. Heavenly Scratchers! says:

    Really don't know how you do it. We would be hooping and hollering with each little win. Tons of fun Buddy….

  24. Vic T Slots says:

    Lol. It's an Everett takeover… great run on PANDA!! I really like that American bison game but it is so difficult. Everett made it look easy. That was funny… the fox looks like Copley. It kinda does.

  25. Cah Bejo Wonogiri says:

    nice friend

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