17 thoughts on “Willy Wonka CHOCOLATE RIVER BONUS & OOMPA LOOMPA FEATURE Las Vegas On line casino Slot Machine”
  1. TruthMaster2020 says:

    They yanked all the wonka machines in Washingtin state. Anyone know why?

  2. Jason Jay says:

    i want to try this machine out , it looks very fun , thanks for sharing !!!

  3. Monika Marko says:

    I love your videos!

  4. David Wil says:

    I love this game slot machine I love the movie from my childhood used to watch the movie every weekend. I recently played the slot machine and got 4 Flying elevators it was exciting

  5. Mander says:

    Love how excited you get.

  6. Stephanie C says:

    Thanks for making it fun instead of lots of the videos that start to make me not want to play anymore because they act so upset when they don't get giant payouts. Love your attitude. If it isn't fun anymore, don't do it.

  7. Kiaha Long says:

    Good Win!!!, I never had any luck on this machine!, remember playing it and lost 300.00 going up and down, from the bet of 40 – 80 – 120 – and at max and never
    once got any wilds like this, impressive:)

  8. sauropod says:

    of all the slots that I have viewed Willy Wonka seems to be the machine that offers the most fun for a minimum bet. Gambling is about entertainment and this machine is it in my book. Couple this with your enthusiasm when playing it is the perfect combo aand makes for a winning formula no matter how bi or small the win.
    Great video great entertainment  value 10/10

  9. jroppa69 .SLOT VIDEOS says:

    gave me 1190 on 80 cent stake on oompa loompa.nearly passed out

  10. Catherine P says:

    Wow babe, nice win. I love when you get excited!! LOL

  11. Jarison Johnson says:

    Awesome!!!! Good win.

  12. ronan demiautte says:

    Full screens, all 5 reels wild and 10x, I want to see that, but that machine doesn't exist in France at all Dx Awesome win, I really like to see these videos, they help me to escape from here a bit !

  13. DProxima says:

    What a line up on that last one!  Bummer on the no X though.

  14. AKPoetry67 says:

    Nice win LowRoller.  I have never played WillyWonka at the casino because there is always someone on those machine, but it is nice to see the bonus on YouTube. Maybe I will eventually get to play it for myself. 🙂

  15. Charles Brissett Jr says:

    piss poor navigator..lol and theyve gotten bitoche tight on multipliers ive noticed..lol

  16. Ken Purchase says:

    Great Hits LowRoller ! 

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