17 thoughts on “Winner of the On line casino raffle introduced”
  1. v8 Basic says:

    chang gang gets a dub once again how fun

  2. seth Martinez says:

    Taco already selling it

  3. mriffle571 says:

    Mr.k too funny “ ramee u crying ?”

  4. Violet says:

    I mean first bovice fight didint happend cuz of some dumb people even though occ they agreed on it and cuz of that he didint rig the fight and cuz of that dw didint rig the car thing ofc ramee gonna be uspet even if one of his boys win it lol everyone know he wanted that car so bad since the casino opend so stop saying dumb things and honestly 3.0 is a big fail since day one everyone acting like they own the server

  5. 440 DRAG says:

    He ain’t even happy that one of his boys got it

  6. Mike Deth says:

    With us all knowing how hard this was for Ramee to swallow in and out of character…I think he took this well. Could have been worse.

  7. Dtrain says:

    Good fuck ramee… He been making deals on behalf of CG obligating them to do work for his personal gain of tickets and even trying to get it rigged for him. Even mr k was like way to look out for yourself when he lowered the cut for the kidnappings of the cops for more raffle tickets for himself.

  8. jjcuh says:

    I said it before, I knew someone from Chang Gang was going to win

  9. hyper says:

    Damn taco got the grinder luck
    Poor ramee. I wonder is coop gave away the 1st raffle car yet

  10. Mu Ogre says:

    How the fuck taco got it?LOL

  11. Derrick Vincent says:

    Damn all the ppl in the raffle it's actually surprised it was one of the boys who got it

  12. Bloom says:

    Feel bad for ramee my man put in so much work and everything just went to shit hes done everything and at least him winning this car but atleast CG got it

  13. Dylan Kim says:

    honestly it’s good to see one of the boys get it, they’ll put it to good use

  14. WildSnipez says:

    Taco stacked with his two cars now, hopefully we see him use this one in a robbery with the others.

  15. John Ramirez says:

    I would be pretty pissed

  16. Elon Muskrat says:

    7:00 Taco won

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