1. HRP SloTs says:

    I used to loathe ainsworth games , now they are some of my favorite. Eagle bucks and the original mustang money are my favorites. What about you Albertt?

  2. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Gotta find n try this game. Thanks for sharing. Nice win

  3. Debby S says:

    Fun games & video. So glad the "Live Casino" was good to U. Enjoyed watching…now off to the Wild Wild challenge video.

  4. Jacques Slabbert says:

    I so enjoy watching you. Thanks for not getting involved in the backstabbing some US "high flyer" channels get into. Your posts are all genuine and fun. Thats how it should be. I wish you many excellent line hits and bonusses. Stay true to the person you are.

  5. joe s says:

    wheel game is garbage. the makers of this trash should be ashamed.

  6. Jimmy He says:

    Did any casino you visited recently still provides buffet?

  7. Cassanova Slots says:

    Where were those eagles the spin after the high limit bonus? Love that game but the feelings aren’t mutual! Lol

  8. Frank T says:

    That Wheel game is the type you’re lucky to win or lose only a bit but maybe earn enough points for breakfast

  9. Cynthia Slater says:

    These games are not my cup of tea, but I'm sure I've played them before. Oh well, better luck tomorrow!

  10. Heather Lee says:

    I played Reel Hot 7's a couple months ago at my local betting $2.25, got the wheel plus a 5X, landed on 750 which was the second highest number on the wheel, I believe it came to $937.50, hubby and I couldn't believe it!

  11. Loren Staab says:

    I'll pass on the quick spin wheel bonus games they never seem to do much. That one teased the hell out of you I'm glad you got your money back.

  12. Meli Loves Slots says:

    thank you for sharing buddy.. interesting game

  13. slotmachineluv says:

    Love all the Ainsworth but the Wheel not on my go game.

  14. dreadnought b33 says:

    Thanks for the video. I now know to skip the wheel hot thing, glad to managed to get ahead on it. I probably wouldn't have switched to max but you did it successfully.

  15. Cathy Greenwood says:

    Albert I love ainsworth especially the sounds and usually great graphic but for me they are hard to get a bonus on what do you think? I know you do well on them.

  16. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! Nicely done Albert! Stay away from that wheel game!

  17. PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff says:

    Sheesh….that Reel Hot was torture, but at least you won lol. Thanks for the video sir.

  18. LOWCASH SLOTS says:

    I really that Arabian fire . They are alot of fun to watch. Congrats on your winnings

  19. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    I am usually confused with Ainsworth games but yet somehow they always draw me back to play them.

  20. James Arey says:

    You were so quiet during that first Eagle Bucks bonus. Security? It was a nifty bonus!
    — James

  21. Vanessa Otero says:

    I like Eagle Buck it looks fun. I’ve never seen Arabian fire game before. I hope I get to play it some day. I got both of my vaccine shots in March.

  22. Reel Twinning Slots says:

    Hi Albert!! We love our Ainsworths heheh!! Eagle Bucks is tough but its worth the challenge for the eagle line up in the middle like you got :)!!! We like the machines with the orbs with cash too! Will have to try those and the Hot 7's :)!!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us friend!

  23. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice. Congrats!

  24. Erin B. says:

    Albert you know how I feel about Ainsworth but….. that being said, I actually have played Eagle bucks and I think that and Thunder cash I enjoy. So Thank you for getting me to play a little Ainsworth. You can still keep your spinning wheel games. Those can sit there for others to play lol. Thanks for the variety as always though Albert. Enjoyable as usual!!

  25. Ursula Ingram says:

    Hey Albert I seriously be looking forward to you casino visit!

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