30 thoughts on “WINNING on the On line casino's Dime + $25/Spins 🔥 Tiki Hearth Lightning Hyperlink on Freeplay!”
  1. Fossil Art studios says:

    Any advice for games ? I never seem to even get bars and run out before anything crazy happens

  2. Rgr Rgr says:

    errr where was the big win?

  3. 206robert206 says:

    Gotta utilize the due strategy

  4. I'm CheeseCake says:

    If you don’t like BCslots then you prolly just don’t like slots! Rude

  5. Amber Holloway says:

    How do u set up ur camera is tht a selfie stick

  6. Grannie Bee says:

    LOL you would make a great "carney barker" !!

  7. Eddie Alcaraz says:

    I had a $5 free slot play offer this week, was able to make that into $40 on huff and puff

  8. weerobot says:

    Oh Nelly..

  9. Booply1 says:

    The grand jackpot on that first machine was 1337…er 13337, damn so close

  10. DEBRA LANE says:


  11. Kathryn Nimmons says:

    hey brian i would love to see brent play Powe strike on a timed bonus

  12. Donna Powell says:

    Hey you guys Good Fortune smiles on your way

  13. Jennifer Henrich says:

    So funny when someone calls you Brain. Gmorning from t.o.

  14. Regina Tracey says:

    Watching from Ireland some irish luck to ypu brian and britt

  15. Richard Bott Slots And More says:

    Great videos..Tiki showing some love..Good luck..

  16. Feancelia Salas says:

    Buenos días Abraham y a Brian en a Cris me gusta mucho sus videos se mira bien padre que lo disfruten me gusta cómo se miran ustedes dos

  17. Rockfishreseller says:

    Coffee, sunshine and slots! Can't get any better than that!

  18. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Good morning
    When you win on their money IT'S SO FUN

  19. Bob Joncas says:

    …..BANZA !!!! ..

  20. Gurdeep Singh says:


  21. Ryan Vickers says:

    Hit 530 maxi on totem at Tropicana Evansville last night

  22. Stacey Hines says:

    Good morning hope u have a great day good luck

  23. Teddy’s Life says:

    Good Morning from Atlanta, Georgia. Wish we had some casinos close by so I could try my luck today.

  24. Kevin Marks says:

    The Phoenix did trigger the ultra feature, didn’t it? The top 100 coin was green initially.

  25. Elaina Sargeant says:

    Good morning people brain adore you been watching for the last couple of months from the UK

  26. Beyond negative With Andy says:

    Tiki fire will always be my favorite of the lightning link machines because this is the machine I won my first grand jackpot on. A sweet 11,000 in my pocket that day.

  27. Rochelle Mailhot says:

    Good morning lovely people have a fantastic Sunday

  28. Gruff Rossi says:

    Not a lot of folk about

  29. Gruff Rossi says:

    Lot of English folk on here least I don't to have money to feed my flashing lights jigerly sounds machines have changed over the years

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