8 thoughts on “WMS Energy Spin Bonus Win at Sands On line casino in Bethlehem, PA”
  1. DProxima says:

    @melo182 Haha – hopefully you will get a chance to try them. They aren't all that bad 🙂 I've seen a few decent hits on them.

  2. melo182 says:

    i really hate this game! greetings from colombia pappy… big fan right here!

  3. SlotNoodles says:

    Nice result! I couldn't get these machines to cooperate with me, it wasn't for a lack of trying though… Thanks for showing me what they can do!

  4. DProxima says:

    I was getting nervous for ya after that third spin!! Made up for it though…good hit VP!!

  5. SlotMachineRape says:

    You sure have been busy Pappy!

  6. Almis09 says:

    Yeah!!! I wish my local casinos can get these games too. Congrats Pappy.

  7. SalDOWN says:

    what a one hit wonder…! cgts…

  8. Zero852002 says:

    Nice win. I wish our casino would get these games. They look fun.

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