21 thoughts on “Woman Gaga – Poker Face ( Hen vs Woman )”
  1. 달콤한 꿈 Sweet Dream says:

    치킨vs걸 시리즈..여성분들 전부 잘 부르시네 'ㅅ';;

  2. Vilma Lopes says:

    O verdadeiro significado de estabilidade emocional kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. 014Daniela says:

    Alguien que hable español?

  4. A google User says:

    Everybody u all are thinking about she is trying not to laughter but think about how she is singing so nice

  5. Sukant Panigrahi says:

    Wonder why he doesnt give credits to these girls. I've noticed in his older videos also….

  6. Cohen Harrison says:

    The girls face at 1:26 was priceless XD she was like stop it get some help

  7. Aryan Sahu says:

    But why the hell he is so serious

  8. Saralee Reyes says:

    JkvhgdzsA km [email protected]$xmi glkbjlkszdo

  9. Adoptmenowcreeper says:

    I can clearly tell how the girl was trying not to laugh so hard when he spilled water on his head.

  10. Sarwi Lestari says:

    Apa cuman aku orang indonesia

  11. Creativitea Zone says:

    The song was cool but when he hugged the chicken i was like: what a kid :/

  12. Ami's Workshop says:

    the girl be like whts happening i wanna go

  13. Otaku Eaka says:

    Girl : sings
    Chicken: kakakakaka
    Big marvel: Hugs chicken/ Hit himself with cards/ Pour water on himself/ Not laughing at all

  14. Angelica Minieri says:


  15. Aman says:

    Please brother it's a request i want to se you laughing please it's a request like not without this no emotion face please

  16. mustaque alam says:

    he is really keeping tha6 chicken infront of her face …like if she will laugh she will die

  17. Kailera Kissick says:

    girl: singing amazeingly
    marvel:doing magic
    chicken: singing kinda good

  18. Saikat Chatterjee says:

    Big Marvel Vs Chicken..???

  19. ꧁subbing to everybody Who subs to me꧂ says:

    This is Funny XD

  20. Jithu Raju says:

    Who remembered Mr. Bean ?

  21. Martha Thompson says:

    I dont get it

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