33 thoughts on “Woman Gaga – Poker Face (with loopy lengthy intro) (Glastonbury 2009)”
  1. михаил никифоров says:


  2. Mike Miller says:

    She looks like she's high if the crowd is the only thing worth living for her then I wouldn't wanna be her

  3. Gabriela Alejandra Taquichiri Chacon says:


  4. Matheus says:


  5. Alessia ϟ Blue says:

    I miss going to concerts

  6. b m says:

    Why does she look zooted

  7. Duff Bacalla says:

    3:28 that's me when a cockroach lands on my back

  8. Roverdal says:

    She looks like trash in this video.

  9. DK rodriguez says:


  10. Caesar The Emperor says:

    Covid would have had a field day….

  11. João Vitor says:


  12. Thiago Thiaguinho88 says:

    O batera é fera

  13. Al Tomas says:

    Academy Award Winner Lady Gaga

  14. Cameron Scarlett says:

    I love how till this day she still has some of the same musicians/dancers

  15. De Tudo um pouco says:

    In the begginin she looked like a drag Queen rs and she looks more natural too i dont know.

  16. George A Lake says:

    That chick in the audience is in another video on youtube in a live concert with the sunglasses

  17. célio · says:

    was this dubbed? wtf

  18. Peppa_ Pig says:

    Honestly she’s a legend

  19. Genç Konular says:

    2:53 dat moment

  20. that's on, THAT! periodt. says:

    she lipsync the start?

  21. that's on, THAT! periodt. says:

    she's such a trashy artist

  22. nanda b says:

    what do you call this little beginning she does on the piano? do you have a name or something? lol

  23. Rodinei Viana says:

    Da ora+++++

  24. JT Alipio says:

    Little did she know she will become one of the most influential artist in the world.

  25. Samcon95 says:

    Too much auto tune and backup taped vocals – not live!

  26. Mon Parallèle Urbain says:


  27. Reyhan Alp says:

    Sia’dan önce lady gaga vardı sia tarzıyla lady gaga’ya özenmiş

  28. Ener Lukozadeh says:

    Reincarnation Freddie Mercury

  29. Aug tm says:

    Why does she kinda look like miranda sings at 1:06? I'm dying lmao

  30. miriã borges says:

  31. Kyle bee says:


    බලන්නකුඩා යන්ත්‍රය පැවසුවේඑහි සංස්ලේෂණය කරන ලද හ උද්දීපනයෙන් පිරීමම අවසන් කර ඇත්තෙමි මම හැම දෙයක්ම ඉවතට ගන්නවා Iloro stati di salute respettivi prevenirli

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