34 thoughts on “Wonderful Poker Hand with Miss Finland ♠️ The Shark Cage ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. PokerStars says:

    Were you shocked as well?♠️

  2. Nans Sereng's says:

    I know there's something fishy about his intentions with her !! no way I would've not called… with 3 of a kind !!

  3. merve ballioglu says:


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  4. chimalu says:

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  5. A.Kadir KARADAĞ says:

    Ronnie bad gamer anda stupid man

  6. MahaLLe ÇocuĞu says:

    Beatifull girl

  7. Frank B says:

    Holy #^&* what Balls

  8. ward borchardt says:


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  9. Travis Maruster says:

    He's so trash lol

  10. PurpleHumbug says:

    Damn, she’s better at poker than me and she’s cute. Life isn’t fair.

  11. Texan Football Houston says:

    She is beautiful

  12. Azsouth OfLotro says:

    literally just watched a mgtow get born.

  13. Shivas Irons says:

    3:26. One hell of a stare, im american of finnish decent and were very stoic people.

  14. 德州扑克爱好者 says:


  15. 德州扑克爱好者 says:


  16. RunLike Gawd says:

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  17. altruistic angel says:

    damn she's gorgeous. she should've been miss world. but, with today's pc culture…….

  18. Bogdan s says:

    I would have folded to honestly

  19. Bryan Smith says:

    I would have folded the set of course with the 8. Bluff or not when someone is barreling like that. She raised preflop which gave a range of ace high with a face to a high pocket pair on her position. With the raising on the turn and barreling through I'd have put her on pocket queens based on her play. It's easy to blame the guy when you know what she has but looking at it from a perspective of ranges and position he made the right play in the long run imo. He should've made a bet on the third four imo instead of checking. I think that's where he went wrong.

  20. human memory says:

    she is very cute .

  21. Daniel Ferreira says:

    What I love about this video is that they are kind, fun and having a good time. Whatever game you are playing, it's supposed to be this way. Unfortunately, most players are nothing but turds. I remember when I started playing 5 card draw at Pokerstars around 2007, the mood was almost always great, we chatted a lot, saying jokes, having fun! I miss that time. A few years later I would hardly talk to anyone and would refuse to talk with any people from my country (Portugal) because they were nothing but a bunch of spoiled unkind brats. Also, the 2-7 single draw tables were horrible.

  22. faris fadilah ramadhan says:


  23. Chuck Zhang says:

    same hand, same bets to the all in, different players, what happens?

  24. Steve Hunt says:


  25. Ea Airic says:

    No guts no glory..u have 3 of a kind,u have to call.

  26. Raymond Wong says:

    Not the cash game is it ?

  27. Valentun Sadovskij says:


  28. hugzy14 says:

    What a fking loser… keep justifying…

  29. Jonas Pianomusic says:

    But the question is:


  30. Filemon Sipakkar says:

    Oh my gost…. realy hot

  31. Suraj Kunte says:

    ohhh mannnnn……………

  32. Aditya says:

    4:13 4:19 Those were the times he needed to be looking at her face.

  33. YouMad Brah says:

    If a man bluffed like this the comments would be praising him, when it’s a woman she is reduced to her looks.

  34. Adnan Azwan says:

    lol. there is no way he is folding. No other card can bet him

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