15 thoughts on “World Collection of Poker 2008 (HD) Xbox-360”
  1. Alexander Vasilev says:

    [NEЕW] Wоrld Seriеs оf Рokееeеr ОNLINEE HACK GЕNERАTOR WОRKS 2016: https://vk.com/id433182127?w=wall433182127_101 Enjоyуy !!

  2. TeddyBear312 says:

    the ps2 version is called: world series of poker 2008 battle of the bracelets. i have it myself on ps2

  3. alexander andrade says:

    como se ve en pc? es chimbo? lo has jugado en ps2? si es asi dime si se ve igual al de ps2 para no comprarmelo gracias…

  4. codergames says:

    No Sam and Max?

  5. Tim Wake says:

    To the AI programmer, who ever you are, I commend you for an excellent job you did for this game. This is the best AI's I have ever played. I just hope there will be another sequel with the same graphics (unlike Full House Pro) and customizable tournament structures and an optional clock for custom tournaments. My friends and I, we all love to play this on LAN with the AI's in MTT.

  6. Tim Wake says:

    The 360 version looks way much better that the PC.

    The way the player counted his bet in 0:33 is something I've never seen in the PC version. Is there a patch for that for the PC version?

    I still play this game! The AI of this game is Superb and is still a competitive practice game even until now(May2013)

  7. LUCENA says:

    Alguem tem o link desse jogo(ISO)?? pra Xbox….?

  8. Dirk Daring says:

    A lot of people still play WSOP 2008. If you think the Black Ops rage is funny, you should hear some of the people playing this game.

  9. Jordi Karssen says:

    ty 🙂

  10. Jordi Karssen says:

    are there still playing people online games?

  11. Jesse W. B. says:

    I love this game…

  12. Jason Law says:

    this game looks good, but it plays like shiit, its non stop all ins online, its not a game to play if u want to play online, i have to play solo

  13. checkfoldcallraise says:

    lol, the flop! "thats what my ex-wife said on our honey moon night Lon!" lol

  14. Reckon says:

    wtf @1:51 ….

  15. whiteboy311kn says:

    is it real poker? or is it simulated? for example if theres a carreer mode and u play it twice do the same hands come up?

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