19 thoughts on “🔴 World’s Best Slot Participant DESTROYS the On line casino LIVE! 📆 2021, HERE WE COME”
  1. mark inocencio jr says:

    where can i find valiant night and black night slots on facebok

  2. Maria Marquez says:

    Good luck Raja win lots off money

  3. Izzy Vasquez says:

    I’m new on your channel

  4. LB Jackson says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I enjoy watching your exciting slots time. Keep up the winnings.

  5. Jimmy Clark says:

    And Blow this year out with a Big Boom

  6. Nehemiah Feliciano says:

    Whats up RAJA!

  7. JJK auto Mobil repair Gonzales says:

    Good luck Raja que tengas suerte y ganes el gran premio

  8. Jack James says:

    I think tye casino destroyed you guys in this one lol

  9. Jd D says:

    Oh, ok. I heard you tell your viewers to go and watch those videos before they are they ran out

  10. Michael Segur says:

    Happy New Year to TBJ and his crew…may 2021 be one big jackpot!!!!

  11. AMAYA- Explorer says:

    Goodluck sir

  12. psmh4 says:

    Pays to play reel machines

  13. Jd D says:

    I don't understand. Are you shutting down the slot or the stocks channel?

  14. Yevgeniy Fureyster says:

    Thanks for vids, they so relaxing. Best to watch when I am on my hangover

  15. Ryan Balls says:

    Happy New year TBJ thanks for all you do, the highlight of my day, BOOM

  16. Craig Boulton says:

    Have a safe happy new year everyone.

  17. Mary Montalvo says:


  18. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Raja, still time for The SUPER GRAND 2020! Thanks, Good Live Play!

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