29 thoughts on “*wowow* BIG WIN on ______ SLOT (excessive stakes)”
  1. Claireov crewe says:

    Happy birthday for the other day morag xx

  2. Louis Brown says:

    Happy birthday morag hope you had a lovely day x

  3. Geoff says:

    Happy bday morag hope its a awesome day

  4. Joanne Fallon says:

    Happy birthday morag xxx

  5. Liam fenwick says:

    Happy birthday morag, hope you had a lovely day x

  6. Caz Charlottes says:

    Happy birthday Morg

  7. fraggle3000 says:

    Happy birthday morag

  8. J3573R says:

    Hey chip did you know big bass bonanza only has a max win of 2100x so even if you get to the x10 the first win will probz b the last the game had so much potential before I found that out

  9. Rusty Royal says:

    haooy birthday

  10. Andy Hodgkinson says:

    320 like 80 dislikes

  11. Susie Bell says:

    Happy birthday Morag

  12. Kevin Smith says:

    Happy birthday morag

  13. Julieann Martin says:

    Happy birthday morag

  14. SWFC 1867 says:

    Happy birthday Morag!! Chip I had a big win on big bass bonanza today, took just over 1k out, the wife had just had a big win on East Coast v West Coast, just over 1.6k today!! Bank balance looking healthy for once! Keep the videos coming lads!! The 10k dream is alive!

  15. Sab The Seeker! says:

    Happy Birthday Morag

  16. Brian Roberts says:

    Happy Birthday Morag, hope it was a belter.

  17. Andy Wiggy Costall says:

    Happy birthday morag x

  18. Slots Assassin says:

    Happy Birthday Morag I hope you had a fantastic day

  19. Craig Walmsley says:

    Happy birthday dude

  20. Sam Britton says:

    Hope me n u both get haircuts soon chip haha. Great vid as always.

  21. Charlie D says:

    Happy birthday Morag!!

  22. Bielsa's Bucket says:

    Happy Birthday Moraggggg

  23. BinVlogs OnTheReg says:

    Happy birthday morag same day as my daughters lol

  24. CROTONEMILLS says:

    Happy Birthday Morag

  25. Paul Downs says:

    Happy 21st birthday Morag

  26. Sean Kelly says:

    Happy birthday to morag

  27. la chef Jay says:

    Happy birthday Jason Genova aka pisslord

  28. Morag Brown says:

    Thanks a million everyone means a lot ❤ u all xxxxx

  29. Rickeyb1095 Burnham says:

    Happy birthday morag x

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