9 thoughts on “WPT Motion!”
  1. Mark Garin says:

    Phil never fails to under impress

  2. charles chua says:

    A disgusting amount of ads

  3. K. Baller says:

    6:06:40 and 6:08:00 that's amazing… That Greg dude lucky as hell… for a second he's all disappointed he folded a flush… but then the river would have killed him with the 4 of a kind 8…. lmao… and he's glad he folded…crazy event

  4. Ozzy Tang says:

    1:10 once these players folded their hands i knew all the diamonds were GONE. nice conservative, perfect play by Paul.

  5. Justin Manser says:

    23off vs t7s, best hand.

  6. Ryan Ward says:

    that old dude is an easy read

  7. Boni bon bon says:


  8. StarCraftNoobTrainer says:

    didnt think Id find schwarzenegger and zuckerberg in one poker match

  9. Don Johnson says:

    Benj it is obvious you don't know music or how it is played.

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