40 thoughts on “WPT Rolling Thunder 2020 Closing desk Stay Stream recording”
  1. david gardner says:

    What does he say at 4:04:21 ?

  2. QT8270 says:


  3. Mohamed Gabbiani says:

    Start it at 8:00

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. Mark Garin says:

    No one paying the heating bill…. wearing jackets.

  6. Cleo Trumbull says:

    The calm before the covid storm

  7. Joe Cruz says:

    So so so stupid

  8. Fockee Youie says:

    Rainman in the blue parka.

  9. Jelle Kerkhof says:


  10. ΛDOUMIEH GYM says:

    Una pregunta; Se supone que la ciega pequeña es la mitad de la grande. ¿Por qué aquí no es así? Ej 15K-25k

  11. dropsy says:

    I tuned in to see Poker God Mike Postle. Where is he at?

  12. Aussie Booga says:

    Commentators need to be quite when players are talking. You do not need to Yap the entire time. Pick your spots. We're here to watch a game and the players involved. If they're having a conversation we want to hear it. We don't want commentary of the conversation before the conversation is over.

  13. Al Connelly says:

    Wow. These commentators are awful

  14. Al Connelly says:

    Jake plays like its his first time.
    Greed wont help you at this level.

  15. Al Connelly says:

    Love Matt

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  17. Maximillian H. says:

    Should just be one commentator… They talk over each other way too much. Really fucking annoying.

  18. Ordog Istvan says:

    has anyone really watched all this 7 hours?

  19. NewageRoidrage 24 says:

    1:39:00 it goes back in time for a bit but it’s just for a player break

  20. Gjryhfr Hfhfrh says:

    Hi .
    I'am very tempted to ask a littel question. my question is : is there any poker table where no
    player can mack a (raising) until the last card comes down (river) . And
    when the last card cames down any player can raising as he want . Thank
    you for reading my comment and for this great video .

  21. RooskiMishka says:

    Where can I watch full game?

  22. YOU’RE FIRED TRUMP says:

    Enough about chicken wings, already. Yawn.

  23. EJ says:

    I can hear the commentators nose whistle but I can't hear the players talk.

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  26. ilker keleş says:


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  27. Jonny Sandtrap says:

    Wait, wasnt convid in mrch 2020? where the masks bro?

  28. Sad Wifu says:

    What cards do they use

  29. Kilo Bumpin says:

    erkut stay hiding in his turtleneck

  30. chat chaichai says:

    mark rober

  31. Mason Wiser says:

    minecraft mods

  32. bikerbrandon1 says:

    Don't care about your diet just commentate

  33. Bill D says:

    I like the fact that they used hand shuffle instead of shuffling machine. Hand shuffle seems legit. Machine cannot be trusted.

  34. Dean St-Onge says:

    i would like but the likes and dislikes are at an even number (900 likes and 100 dislikes).

  35. Megan Gray says:

    the 99 straight fold.ouch

  36. Megan Gray says:

    ugh the A4 vs K9 hand between Jake and Tony was sick

  37. Youngowski says:

    Nice post-production there on WPT final table. In 3:31:00 you show Erkuts out is A of heart, folded by Kevin. NJ there 😀

  38. Name says:

    Tony eliminated all of them? Geez.

  39. DailyActivity says:

    He folded that two pairs because his last name is TRAN if it's was NGUYEN he would have been destroyed by two pairs (referencing to Qui Nguyen)— NGUYENING lol

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