35 thoughts on “xQc JUMPS THE CASINO (A number of Views)”
  1. SDA says:

    The plane was fucking sick

  2. 0Melty says:

    PogU I wasn't there.

  3. Cerulium says:

    The plane right underneath too was sick af

  4. s0meguy09 says:

    yeah but did ya see sykkuno jump the roof in a car?

  5. Haha Lol lol says:

    Dhud have done it with 2nd jump

  6. apostoloskp says:

    0:57 that's what she said lol

  7. kuba petynia says:

    only time people cheer him on is online, sadge

  8. y4w says:

    I was there pagchomp

  9. Shams Ahmed says:

    The 2nd was far better even though the plane couldn't fly under him, he fucked up the parachute in the 1st one lol tho props to him for even landing it

  10. Honk Honk says:

    These multiple perspective videos are absolutely amazing.

  11. wendelhaha1 says:


  12. PaliLuke says:

    sykkuno’s great but i think he might be a soundboard

  13. Inferion III says:

    On today’s episode on Who The Fuck cares !!

  14. Captain Death says:

    Make a wish in gta

  15. MissingTornado says:

    let em know ez

  16. The Truth says:

    this whole role playing game is just evidence that the entire gaming community are fucking degenerates in the real world and need to role play in a videogame to fill the void of their insignificant life achievements.

  17. Coolboy 99 says:

    Didn't someone else make a 10 times cooler stunt right after?

  18. Mr.Galixyguy -Space says:

    In sykunno's stream he ramped with a car it was funny.

  19. Noah Nitrobenzaldehyd says:

    He did it guys… He finally turned a new leaf

  20. Chase Kielty says:


  21. KaninBullen YT says:

    this was actually sick, would love to see his second jump too

  22. Mason says:

    Yoooo the fucking plane ✈️

  23. Chris Zotos says:

    I was there PogU

  24. Adair Maca says:

    More reactions

  25. Yung Jodye says:

    MY JUICER xqcPog

  26. CyberRacer says:

    Wished I ended xqcs stream after sadly he lost 70 k cause of his fkin gambling addiction

  27. Ryloc says:

    That airplane made solidified the “stunt” feel

  28. Nov3m says:

    yankee with no brim 0:47

  29. PogU says:

    Last guy ruined it for me

  30. Anthony says:


  31. Tim Horton says:

    Sykkuno always make me smile

  32. Mistertbones says:

    I WAS HERE! I watched it from Bananabrea (Claire Seducer) and her stream, but I was there.

  33. Zhin The Tyrant says:

    The one after this was even better. And more people watched that one as well since many of them weren't aware of the timing on his first jump.

  34. Hot Ham says:

    Shouldve shown 2nd one too he Got more air on it

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