29 thoughts on “Yogscast Poker Nights 2016 #2 – Ludicrous Stuff”
  1. James Bowden says:

    Any chance Mods will delete these comments?

  2. Niilo Fridén says:


  3. Mason Kaufman says:

    Watching from the future 🙁

  4. Not That Person Thank-you Very Much says:


  5. Xiloon Galidom says:

    Not everyone has the attention span to be counting the chips.

  6. Xiloon Galidom says:

    For the next annual poker tournament, you guys should add a pot meter, to show how much is in the pot.

  7. Hicle says:

    Sneaky bouf

  8. Blisterdude123 says:

    "Bouphe, long time watcher."

    Holy crap, I just noticed that. She's in the Yogscast now!

  9. Shadowmaster says:

    I like what it said when Lewis failed

  10. Kyle Flounder says:

    I feel like I'm in my 40s going through my mid-life crisis or something. 17 year olds are not supposed to enjoy watching poker afaik LOL

  11. T H says:

    Who else is waiting for Pyrion to go up and school this kids some day

  12. Huggable Cube says:

    So are they playing for real money or are they just playing for sport?

  13. John Kimberley says:

    All of the yogs are welcome to play in my home game, apart from pyrion, you actually know what you're talking about

  14. canadiananim8r says:

    i couldnt stop laughing when he pulled a canadian bill 😀 woo

  15. fxmad87 says:

    If this was a pc or cell
    game id play it

  16. Jordon Fewster says:

    This is actually fantastic I fuckin love it

  17. STALKER says:

    Buy-ins should be limited per player rather than time sensitive. Turps just steamrolls through buy-ins and all-ins, the cheeky fuck.

  18. betabenja says:

    He's in the best position! last to act with the nuts and two mad betters infront of him! oh, he's gone all in.

  19. coomran says:

    It says they are playing poker night 2 in the description. Youtube is stupid.

  20. Bear Papa says:

    it is not their money, they lost nothing but times, just like playing poker video game.

  21. Ken Ling says:

    Having played poker proper, this kind of betting makes me rage.

  22. ONTOE0 says:

    What kind of poker is this?

  23. MartiMoose says:

    I have no idea how to play poker but this is enjoyable

  24. Ballin Balgruuf says:

    Absolutely fcking lost it at Lion King

  25. Luke Bligh says:

    Moooore please

  26. Exlaax says:

    pair of fives??

    ALL IN!!!!!

    -mark turpin

  27. jakob Dylan says:

    what would be awesome in my opinion is if pyrion did like a beginner/intermediate/pro poker tips and strategy series!

  28. PrimeNeedles says:

    Poker + Yogscast = 😀

  29. Joeybee says:

    wheres the full stream ?

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