22 thoughts on “Yogscast Poker Nights | Jingle Money Recreation #2 – Pokerish (Ultimate)”
  1. Samael 11 says:

    Pyrion: "I was just trying to have fun"
    The 5 minutes before that (in video time): Pyrion on the verge of having a meltdown for incredibly incredibly minor etiquette breach;
    "No, You raise, you Don't Call and Raise! You can't call and Raise! You either Call or Raise!" "You Call your complete Hand, you don't call your pocket!"

  2. MillerIndustriesInc says:

    You need a buzzer linked up to a button in that room, so you can't really give any information but it will tell them to stop, and scare the shit out of them

  3. Spaceman says:

    Pyrion got to buy back in twice Bo should’ve gotten to do the same.

  4. Joona Puustelli says:

    Isn't this from last year??

  5. Aimless Savant says:

    God Pyrion has a massive cock. Can't help but flap it around.

  6. Berserk___ _ says:

    the only good news is that Lewis is now the best at poker lol

  7. Alex G says:


  8. Gong Zero says:

    Put Barry boi in the next game plz

  9. Vellos2 says:

    Loved seeing Nilesy fucking cleaning house in the majority of this series

  10. TheSkootenbeeten says:

    20:32 Tom perfectly vocalising my terribly chauvinistic (? I dno, it's chauvinism these days to express ones attraction to a lady if one is a man? Probably) reaction to Lydia. I mean, she is rather magnificent. Have you heard her laugh? It's wonderful and heart warming! Have you seen her play MGS? OH, it's epic. Have you seen you Squid skin in TTT? URRRMAGAARRD! What? Anyhooo…

    OH, LYDIA!

  11. Tristan Frodelius says:

    Every time Pyrion talks, it makes me want him to get punched. "That's technically a call" … This is not a professional poker tournament and you fucking understand that it was a raise, because he said he was also raising. This is supposed to be a lighthearted charity game among friends; not a pedantic, utilitarian, emotionless thing. He is the embodiment of that "no fun allowed" robot. Also Pyrion can't even follow his own rules when he plays, talking to the other players when he's not in the hand. If you get to, then don't complain when other people do it. It's like everything he does and says saps the fun out of watching them play poker…

  12. idiot stupid says:

    "three pump chump will make a cum back?"-harry, 2018 "that wasn't a joke"

  13. VagueEel says:

    "I call my hand, Sharlene."
    Cuts to the people in the booth giggling hysterically
    Comedy gold

  14. The Collective says:

    lol at the end Pyrion is so clearly wasted

  15. Nick Currie says:

    I'm torn between the knowledgable chat of Pyrion and and the uninformed banter of Barry and Ben.

  16. Canvas Every Inch says:

    Give me Barry/Tom over Pyrion/Tom literally 10:10 times

  17. Thoast says:

    Bo did not represent the 6 kroner and 50 øre well :c

  18. P 80 says:

    I enjoy these poker tournaments but man are they painful to watch at times, some hideous play, people just throwing money at Nilesy haha

  19. Jimothy the Green says:

    Was Pyrion even trying?

  20. DartPokeMM “Mar” says:

    2 hours of RDR2 got Chips_ that far. This make some imagine how some people would do in the criminal world if GTA 5 playtime was converted…

  21. Henk says:

    What a sore loser pyrion is

  22. DrDarkheart says:

    Sips is still and will always be the biggest and best bastard to ever live.

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